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January 2019


Our New Catalog is at the Printers –
and Everything is Online Now!

Surprise! In our never-ending quest to serve you better, we’re mailing our catalog in January this year.

And it’s a complete, two-season catalog, with spring-planted bulbs for delivery in April and fall-planted bulbs for delivery in October.

Almost 40 of your favorites are back from a hiatus – ‘Florentina’ and ‘Eleanor Roosevelt’ iris! ‘Albatross’ and ‘Little Witch’ daffodils! – and we’re offering a dozen heirloom beauties for the very first time:

DAHLIAS (spring delivery) – ‘Fascination’, ‘Fatima’, ‘Natal’, ‘New Baby’, and ‘Rocco’;

GLADS (spring delivery) – ‘Plum Tart’, ‘Trader Horn’, and ‘Wine and Roses’;

OTHERS for spring delivery – ‘Star of the East’ crocosmia and ‘Royal Beauty’ daylily;

PEONIES (fall delivery) – ‘Lady Alexandra Duff’ and ‘Victoire de la Marne’.

If you’re a returning customer your catalog should be in your mailbox by the end of this month.

But why wait? Everything in the catalog is online now – along with dozens of web-only rarities – and you can ADD to your order anytime through March 15 (for spring) or Sept. 15 (for fall).

So go ahead! Give yourself something special to look forward to by ordering now for spring or fall delivery – or both!

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The Year’s Best:
A Dozen of Our Favorites from 2018

Just in case you missed any of them the first time around, here are twelve of our favorite newsletter articles from the past year, as posted at our blog where the photos are bigger and sometimes more numerous.

If we left one of your favorites off the list, please let us know!

“The First Concrete Sidewalks (And How Old Are Yours?)”

“The Virtues of Heirloom Daylilies”

“Flower Pot Diversity in 1859”

“Rita’s Easy Way to Get Your Dahlias Eyed Up and Sprouting”

“Searching for the Lost Daffodils of Reverend Engleheart”

“Native Dutchman’s Breeches is British Dicentra Expert’s Favorite”

“Elizabeth Lawrence on Preserving Plants at Home – Together”

“Our Immigrant Gardens”

“The Best Water for Your Garden – in 1686”

“Plant This: Our Customers and Experts Praise 5 Special Bulbs

“Garden Like the Queen”

“Van Gogh’s Tuberoses”

And don’t forget you can read almost every article we’ve ever published, organized by topics such as History and Heirlooms, Daffodils, and even Garden Poetry and Laughter, at https://oldhousegardens.com/newsletter/.

Read January’s News, Alerts, & Quotation.