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Our Commitment to You

At Old House Gardens, we work hard to take good care of our customers — and that includes respecting and protecting your personal information.

Our Site is Secure uses Transport Layer Security (TLS), the industry standard encryption protocol. This system protects your private information while it is transferred from your computer to our server.

We Won’t Share Your Phone Number

We won’t share your phone number(s) with anyone else. (We don’t know anyone who enjoys telemarketers.)

We Won’t Share Your Email Address

We won’t share your email address(es) with anyone else.

We Won’t Share Your Postal Address

No junk mail, period!

You Can Tell Us “Don’t Send Any Mailings from OHG”

We mail one or two annual catalogs. We email our newsletter every month or so. If you ever decide you don’t want to receive our catalog or newsletter, just let us know at

Cookies and JavaScript

Our site uses cookies to keep track of your shopping cart. If we didn’t use cookies, then every time you left your shopping cart to look at other bulbs we’d lose track of what you already put in your cart. We don’t share cookie information with anyone else.

We also use JavaScript to improve your shopping experience. If you don’t have JavaScript enabled, our site won’t work properly for you.

We Want to Treat You Right

We want to treat you right, earn your trust, and constantly improve — so we welcome your questions, concerns, and suggestions. Please contact us at