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Our Site is Absolutely Secure

And we safeguard your privacy! For reassuring details, click here or on the security icon at the top of our order form.

Two Easy Ways to Shop — Quick Order or Point & Click

1. Simply browse our online catalog and point and click on what you want to order. Start by clicking the Fall-Planted Bulbs, Spring-Planted Bulbs, or another button in the top row of the green navigation bars above.

2. Our Quick Order option is even easier if you have our print catalog or know your item-numbers. To start, click the cart image at the top of any page and then enter an item-number in the Quick Order box.

And Two Separate Seasons

You can order any of our bulbs at any time. But each variety is delivered in EITHER spring or fall ONLY, depending on when it is available to us and best planted.

That’s why our website is divided into two separate sections — Fall-Planted Bulbs, which are shipped in October, and Spring-Planted Bulbs, which are shipped in April.

Since they’ll be shipped at different times, you’ll have to complete and send your order for spring or fall before going on to the other season. Your shipping costs will be figured for each order separately.

The Early Bird Gets the Bulbs

To avoid disappointment, we suggest you order right NOW. Most of our heirloom bulbs are rare, and many of them sell out early. By ordering early, you’ll reserve the bulbs you want and guarantee yourself a spot near the front of the line once shipping begins.

Our rarest bulbs are highlighted with a green bar and the word RAREST. You’ll also find a list of them on our Rarest: Fall-Planted and Rarest: Spring-Planted pages.

Step-by-Step Point & Click Ordering

Start by clicking on the quantity of something you want to order. You’ll immediately get a dialog box asking for the zip code where you plan to plant your bulbs. We’ll use that to determine your USDA hardiness zone and then we’ll check to be sure the bulbs you select will do well in your zone.

Once a bulb or sampler has been added to your cart, you can change the quantity or remove it at any time.

To leave your cart and continue shopping, use your back button or the navigation bars.

To return to your cart at any time, click on the cart image in the top right corner of every page.

Our minimum bulb order is $30.

Once you’ve added everything you want to your shopping cart, click on the Checkout button which will take you to our secure order form.

You can ask or tell us anything you want in the Special Requests box near the end of our order form.

When you’ve completed the order form, click on the Submit Order button.

How to Tell If You’ve Ordered Successfully

Immediately after you submit your order, you’ll see a “thank you” message and order summary.

Please check this for any errors and print it for your files.

If something goes wrong, you’ll get an error message instead. Sorry! To help us address that problem, PLEASE email us with the error message and — if possible — what operating system you’re using (Windows Vista/7/8/10, OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, etc.) and what web browser you’re using (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc.).

Then please call us so we can take your order by phone, or email it to We’ll do something nice for you to make up for your trouble!

Order Summary by Email When We Charge Your Order

We’ll review your order before charging it, usually the next business day although it may take longer during our busiest times. If you’ve given us your email address, we’ll email you an order summary then. Please review this carefully for any errors.

Tracking Your Order

We email tracking information when we ship your order. You can setup an account to see what you’ve ordered as well. As always, we’re glad to help you at (734) 995-1486 or

Adding to a Previous Order

You can add to your order anytime before September 1 for fall-shipped orders or March 1 for spring-shipped orders. (And we hope you will!) If you’re adding at least $30 worth of bulbs, simply place a new order and tell us in the Special Requests box at the end of our order form to combine it with your previous order. To add less than $30 worth of bulbs, please call us ((734) 995-1486) or email us ( because our website isn’t set up to process orders under our $30 minimum.

We’ll Deliver Your Bulbs in October or April

We ship our spring-planted bulbs in April and our fall-planted bulbs in October. That’s when they’re dormant and we can get them from our growers, and that’s when we can safely ship them without the risk of them freezing to death en route to you.

If you need your bulbs “no later than,” please tell us when you order. But please understand that we can’t ship ANY bulbs outside of our two short shipping seasons.

We are unable to ship outside the United States.

Our Shipping Charges Display Immediately

Your shipping charges will be calculated automatically and displayed as you add items to your cart.

Our Minimum Order is $30

We’d love to accept any order, but economic reality has convinced us otherwise.

What If We Can’t Deliver Something?

Because we deal with live bulbs grown by farmers who are at the mercy of the weather, and we specialize in rarities that are often on the verge of extinction, and we insist on authenticity and the highest quality, there’s always a chance we won’t be able to supply everything you order. If so, what should we do?

Substitutions — You can tell us exactly what you want us to substitute for each bulb you order, or you can give us general guidance (for example, “pre-1870 varieties only”), or you can leave it up to us completely. We’ll always choose bulbs that will do well in your zone and we’ll give you extra value on those bulbs.

Our Famous Credit + 10% — This choice is very popular with our customers. We’ll give you a credit to use on any future order for the cost of the bulbs we couldn’t deliver, plus 10% EXTRA. We’ll keep track of the amount in our computer, so you only need to mention it when you want to use it.

Refunds — We’ll refund to your credit card or send a check for the cost of the bulbs we couldn’t supply.

We Send Great Planting & Care Info with Our Bulbs

We pride ourselves on the expert planting and care instructions we send with all of our bulbs.

If You Prefer, You Can Always Order by Phone

Vanessa, Rita, Justin – or any of us! – would be happy to help you at (734) 995-1486. We’re here Monday-Friday, from 9-4 Eastern time, but you can leave a message anytime and we’ll call you back.

Or By Mail

Of course! Send to Old House Gardens, 4175 Whitmore Lake Rd., Ann Arbor, MI 48105.


Ask us, please! We’re available Monday-Friday from 9-4 Eastern time. Email us at or call us at (734) 995-1486 and we’ll get right back to you. We want to help!