Vanessa and Stephen Orr Talk Hyacinths in March’s issue of Better Homes and Gardens

We were delighted to hear from a number of you ordering for the first time last month that you’d found out about us from reading the article “5 Facts About Hyacinths That Will Make You Want to Plant Your Own” – and you weren’t just inspired to order hyacinths, but daffodils, daylilies, dahlias, peonies, and lots more! We especially loved Stephen’s beautiful photographs illustrating the splendid diversity of hyacinth colors, and Vanessa explained why hyacinths have become one of the most commercially-endangered types of bulbs, dropping, as Stephen says, from there being over 2,000 hybrids in the early 1700s to “now you might only find a handful in most catalogs.” We’re so glad to hear that Stephen (who is the editor in chief of BH&G), who’d avoided them for his own garden, tried more than a dozen varieties last year and now delights in their fragrance, spectrum of colors, historic importance and value as a nectar source for pollinators in early spring. We think all of you planting them for the first time this fall will be equally enchanted come next spring!