The Historical Iris Preservation Society and Other Resources for Gardeners

Some of you with iris on your spring orders may have seen a postcard from HIPS attached to your packing list this year. Since we never share our customers’ personal information, this was a way we could help our friends there reach out to fellow enthusiasts as well as letting you know a little about their worthy organization. They are actively engaged in efforts to preserve historic iris and have a network of members who grow and share wonderful and rare varieties. They also try to identify mystery irises, though as they point out, many beautiful ones were results of home or small-scale breeding efforts and don’t have recorded names. Explore their range of resources here:

And in case iris and peonies aren’t your passion, here are some of the other non-profit associations we recommend that provide a wealth of information for gardeners at all levels of experience:

The American Horticultural Society

The Colorado Dahlia Society (known across the country for their Big List of varieties and sources)

The North American Gladiolus Council

The North American Lily Society

The American Daffodil Society