Our 2023 Peonies Offerings Include Two Making Their OHG Debut

We rotate through peony varieties each year as there are far more historic ones we love than we can accommodate in our shipping area in a single season. We’re happy to announce the return of favorites including bee-friendly ‘Miss America’, gently-fragrant ‘Dr. F. G. Brethour’, the jewel-toned fern-leafed peony, gloriously scented ‘Hermione’, pink single ‘Seashell’ and rare ‘Madame Ducel’. And we’re thrilled to have found a source for true stock of the French beauty ‘Solange’ (1907), a sumptuous creamy double with buff and rose highlights and ‘Rachel’ (by 1925) who combines deep rosy-red coloring with mild fragrance, a trait unusual in most red peonies.

Peonies provide exquisitely beautiful blooms for both the garden and the vase while being tough, undemanding perennials likely to live for decades. Why not plant a legacy for future generations by planting a few this fall?