Newly Available for Fall Shipping: 4 Daffodils, Plus a Galanthus and Dutch Iris

We’re excited to have found sources for 6 historic varieties that we’re now able to offer for the first time. In approximate order of their bloom times, we are happy to present

Galanthus woronowii, commonly called Green Snowdrops for their glossy leaves that delightfully interrupt the bleak or snowy landscape of earliest spring. The gently swaying bell-shaped flowers are unfazed by chilly breezes and are a welcome sign that the end of winter is on its way!

Award-winning daffodil ‘Merlin’ whose glowing red-rimmed yellow hearts in pure-white blossoms are sure to catch your eye. Simply stunning!

‘Dawn’, another wonderful creation of the great daffodil breeder Rev. George Engleheart, who brought us ‘Will Scarlett’ and ‘Firebrand’. Petite and charming with several blossoms to a stem.

Charming ‘Sweet Harmony’ which brings an eye-catching combination of a bright white and yellow trumpet against a creamy white perianth. With large blooms and sturdy stems, it is striking both in the garden or bouquets.

‘Rosy Trumpet’, a creation of Mr. R. O. Backhouse who introduced the first “pink” daffodils in the 1920s. This diminutive variety has a starry white perianth around a long apricot trumpet and makes a lovely little sister to ‘Romance’ and ‘Louise de Coligny’.

‘Sapphire Beauty’, a 2’ tall Dutch iris that welcomes summer with bright purplish-blue blossoms highlighted by bright yellow flames. Elegant, lovely, and low-maintenance!