New Daylilies and More Now Available for Spring 2023 Shipping!

‘Bette Russell’
‘Purple Waters’
‘Gertrude Condon’
‘Winsome Lady’

Many of our dahlias, gladiolus, iris and other spring-planted bulbs are now available to order at our website and more will be added in the coming months as our growers report on their crops this past summer. Among the daylilies are four heirloom varieties which we are happy to be offering for the first time! You can read more about them there, but in brief they are

‘Bette Russell’, 1953 is a rich lemony yellow that is open in the evenings,

‘Purple Waters’, 1942 is regal with dark-red/burgundy flowers, and

‘Gertrude Condon’, 1966 glows golden-orange, and

‘Winsome Lady’, 1964 has fragrant blush-pink blossoms with green throats.

Whether it’s daylilies, dahlias, or another of our diverse treasures from the past, we’re sure you’ll find something to brighten your summer garden!