Hurray for Alan Shipp’s Hyacinths!

‘Grande Blanche Imperiale’
‘Mulberry Rose’
‘Queen of the Blues’
‘King of the Blues’
‘Grand Monarque’
‘Double Yellow Ophir’
‘Gloria Mundi’
‘Roman Dark Blue’

Alan had a late season and so we just found out that we’ll be able to offer 12 of his very rare treasures this fall, though they won’t arrive here from the UK till later this month. We’re expecting

‘Bismark’ Victorian favorite and one of the best for perennializing

‘Grande Blanche Imperiale’ From 1798, the oldest traditional variety still available

‘Mulberry Rose’ Unusual purplish-rose color

‘Queen of the Blues’ Soft silvery-blue charmer

‘King of the Blues’ Deep rich dark purple

‘Dreadnought’ Dark blue Victorian double

‘L’Innocence’ Loved for 150 years but hard to find now

‘Grand Monarque’ Glorious silvery-blue, darker than Queen of the Blues

‘Double Yellow Ophir’ Preserved for years in a small Lithuanian botanical garden

‘Gloria Mundi’ Ultra-rare double “eyed” variety rediscovered in Romania

‘Roman Dark Blue’ Hyacinths Somewhat darker than the Hortus lineage; multiplies well

We’re getting very limited quantities and they always go fast, so visit our website soon for the best selection! It’s fine to include other bulbs in your order as well, just be aware that we won’t be able to ship them until late in the month.