Hurray (and, perhaps, Hurry): Many Fall-Planted Varieties are Now Available!

‘Croesus’ daffodil
‘Mariette’ tulip
‘Minos’ hyacinth
‘Jeanne d’Arc’ crocus
‘African Queen’ lily
‘Edulis Superba’ peony

We wanted our newsletter subscribers to be among the first to know that our heirloom daffodils, the backbone of most spring gardens, colorful tulips (note that most Hortus bulborum bulbs are available in limited quantities), fragrant hyacinths, cheerful crocus, lilies, peonies and other treasures, many tolerant of light shade, have just been made available to purchase for October shipping. If there’s a particular variety you missed last year, this is your chance to order before it sells out - and you can always add to your fall order once you see how beautifully the bulbs you planted last year are blooming. If there’s just a variety or two, drop us an email letting us know how many of which varieties you’d like; otherwise, place a second order with a note that you’d like it combined with your existing one. You save on shipping, we use less packaging – it’s a win-win!