Holding Daffodils for Future Display

In-person daffodil shows are back this year, starting in early March in warmer states and continuing through early May in other areas. In a recent issue of The Daffodil Journal Mary Lou Gripshoever shared some tips and techniques for how to save up daffodil blossoms for exhibition – or for a birthday, wedding, or other celebration. (To find varieties that will bloom early, late, or in the middle of the season next year, see our chart.)

If the event is just a week or so away, put your cut flowers in a glass of water, cover it all with a plastic bag, and store it in your refrigerator till then. You can add more flowers as they open in your garden.

On the other hand, she says, if it will be several weeks, you can use a box to refrigerate your daffodils - but store them dry. Line your box with plastic, make a cushion with tissue paper, and lay your flowers on it with the heads near the edge of the box. Then (if you have more blossoms) make another cushion of tissue paper on top of their stems and lay a second layer of flowers on top of that. If your box is long enough, you can do the same starting at the other edge of the box. Wrap the whole box in plastic and store it in your refrigerator. Then when it’s time for the event, you can transport the box there, then re-cut the stems, place them in water, and arrange them to look their best.

Another great tip she suggests for show entries is to write the variety name in ball point pen on the stem of each daffodil as you cut them so that you’ll identify it correctly when filling out your entry form. Good luck, and we’d love to hear about your successes!