Fall Shipping Starts in early October . . .

‘Dom Pedro’ tulip
‘Blue Parrot’ tulip
‘Twin Sisters’ daffodil
‘English Bluebells’
‘John Evelyn’ daffodil
‘Walter Faxon’ peony

And NOW is a great time to order! (If adding to an existing fall order, please do so by September 15.)

Although 40 varieties are already sold out, we still have plenty of amazing heirlooms for you to enjoy. We’ve also added a few varieties back to our lineup this fall including English bluebells, Twin Sisters daffodil as well as Blue Parrot and Dom Pedro tulips. If you have not checked our website recently, see what’s new this fall and our web-only treasures. Easiest of all are our samplers, including our ever-popular Intro to Heirlooms.

Winter is coming – but so is spring! – and you’ll enjoy both of them more if you treat yourself to some of our fabulous fall-planted beauties now.