Delightful Dahlias for Your 2023 Enjoyment

We are happy to introduce you to six heirloom dahlias that we’re offering for the first time! All are available for order now at our website, or as always you can read about them there, make your selections, and either call or write us to place your order. These varieties have flowers ranging from petite to gigantic, and all of them performed beautifully in our trial gardens this past summer.

‘Blithe Spirit’ - Like fireworks, these 8-10” red bursts ending in a flurry of snowy tips will catch your eye even at a distance - but they continue coming for much longer than a summer weekend!

‘Emory Paul’ - “Wow!” is the likely reaction to these huge 12-14” rosy purple blossoms. They have been winning awards in exhibitions - and delighting children and grandchildren - for 60 years.

‘Kasasagi’ - Like its namesake, a bold Japanese magpie, this dahlia won’t be overlooked despite its diminutive size! Its pompon flowers are 2” clusters of neatly curved red and yellow flames that glow brightly in the garden.

‘Otto’s Thrill’ - This much-loved classic boasts stunning 8-10” blossoms of rose-pink petals that lighten to soft pink. Older petals recurve, giving a depth and beauty to the form, and sturdy stems make this a great cut flower.

‘Small World’ - Some see pure white in its adorable 1” pompons, others a touch of rose or blush of lilac; all agree that it’s an excellent source of cut flowers, producing generously in response to cutting over a long season.

‘Tartan’ - With a host of bold, burgundy and white 6-8” flowers in patterns that range from purple-red edges on white petals to swirly raspberry petals with splashes of cream - or the occasional solid-color flower - one plant will give you enough variety for a stunning bouquet!