Crocus in the Lawn: 6 Are Now 1000

Tom's crocus lawn

Our good customer Tom Duff of zone-6b Essex, Massachusetts, emailed us this spring with some happy news:

“After reading at your website about growing crocus in lawns, we planted 6 bulbs of Crocus tommasinanus 25 years ago. Now we’ve got a dense, 15-foot circle of them every spring, with some ranging up to 50 feet away from the originals. I’d say there’s at least 1000 of them.

“My mother-in-law tells me ants have been spreading the seeds, and she says it helps that we don’t spread lime or fertilizer. We always let the leaves have a few weeks to recharge the bulbs before we start mowing the area.

“I’m seeing it starting in the front yard now, too. Maybe 50 have ‘escaped’ there and spread up to 15 feet across the lawn in the last couple of springs.”

Thanks for sharing, Tom! And don’t you wish all of gardening was this easy?

Tommies are the key (since not all crocus set seed) and not mowing them for a few weeks after they bloom. You can order yours now for October delivery, and learn more at our “Crocus in the Lawn” page.