Welcome to 2024!

‘Klankstad Kerkrade’
pink rain lily

We hope your holidays were happy and that you’re now enjoying time for garden dreaming! We’re back from our own winter break refreshed and ready to help you find the perfectpink rain lily treasures for your summer garden. So as seed catalogs flood your mailbox this month, don’t forget to order your bulbs for spring planting, too. Enjoy a summer filled with:

‘Trader Horn’ gladiolus
‘Crimson King’ iris

endless bouquets of dahlias (they’re great in vegetable gardens, too),

graceful little gladiolus (some winter-hardy in zone 6),

perennial iris and daylilies (dating from 1500 to 1959),

‘Painted Lady’ daylily

pots of fragrant tuberoses, starry crocosmia, pixie rain lilies,

and - for gifts, or if you’re just starting out, our easy samplers.

Mexican Single tuberose

You’ll see 4 dahlia varieties we’re offering for the first time (briefly described below), and we’ll be adding to our website listings as we see how tubers and corms come through the winter. Since quantities are limited, we recommend placing an order soon to reserve your favorites, knowing that you can add to it until we begin shipping in early April. And thanks as always for helping us to Save the Bulbs!