Fairy Iris and 3 New Dahlias for Spring Planting

We’re happy to introduce to you our newest additions to our spring offerings:

Fairy iris, 1905

Considered the first American iris introduction, ‘Fairy’ is “by far the best” of the “tall, creamy, whites” (to quote AIS founder John Wister). “Delicately penciled and margined” with light blue/lilac and to add to its charms, ‘Fairy’ has a delicious, sweet scent, such that Ella Porter McKinney, author of Iris in the Little Garden, considered it “the one iris whose fragrance was liked by all.” It’s a fine legacy left us by the Illinois plant-lover and Civil War veteran Amasa Kennicott, about whom more is written below. Plicata, 40”.

Arabian Night dahlia, 1951

This deep velvety crimson beauty will bring a stunning contrast to your summer bouquets and gardens as its small (4-6") flowers and dark green foliage add hints of mystery without overwhelming lighter colors. Mary Keen, one of the First Ladies of Gardening, “would not wish to be without” it and David Joyce calls it “outstanding for the depth of its dark red”. We love the way the blossoms almost glow as if lit from within! Formal decorative, 3½ - 4' high, from Holland.

Duet dahlia, 1955

Just like two voices joined in song, each blossom of “Duet” finds a perfect balance of deep purplish red bases with white tips. After trialing it in our farm and home gardens the past year, we agreed with all those for whom it’s a long-time favorite: it’s time to bring this lovely bicolor to a wider audience! 3-4' high, 6-8" formal decorative blooms, from Holland.

My Love dahlia, 1964

Like glorious fireworks, these stunning white blooms will light up your evening garden in late summer just as other perennials are declining. Profuse 2½-4" blooms with strong stems have made “My Love” very popular with cut-flower growers and would be perfect for bridal bouquets or as part of a striking white garden. In the landscape, the 3-4' plants may ramble if left to themselves, creating the charming effect of mounds of white blossoms. And we could all use a little more love in our lives! Semi-cactus, from Holland.