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Order these fall-planted bulbs NOW for delivery next OCTOBER.

WHY DAFFODILS? Daffodils are permanent, increase eagerly, and are wonderfully deer-and-rodent-proof.

DAFFODIL HISTORY — Daffodils grew in ancient Greece and in English gardens by the 1200s. For more, click here.

TIPS FOR SUCCESS — Daffodils are easy, but hardiness varies more than most sources admit. To learn more, click here.

Even Rarer Daffodils — Every year we get a handful of spectacular bulbs that are so rare we offer them Web-Only. For an alert the moment they go on sale, subscribe to our free, monthly email newsletter.

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Got snow? If you garden in zones 4a-6b (or 4a-8b on the West Coast), this sampler of diverse, beautiful, time-tested WHITE daffodils is made for you. We’ll send you 3 bulbs each of 4 easy favorites – 3 ‘Broughshane’, 3 ‘Irene Copeland’, 3 pheasant’s eye, and 3 ‘Thalia’. All are easy to grow and sure to make your next spring lovelier than ever!

For 6, 9, or more of each variety, order additional samplers. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.


On sale now! Snowy white, richly fragrant, and hardy to zone 3, double pheasant’s-eyes appear on almost every daffodil list from Clusius’s in 1601 to catalogs of the early 1900s. Although they can be erratic bloomers, in long, cool springs and well-watered soils they’re heavenly. N. poeticus ‘Plenus’, 4 W-W, 16-18”, zones 3a-6b(8bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

You save 15%!

APRIL QUEEN, 1938Rarest

Medieval troubadours sang of a frolicking April Queen who led young and old in a merry dance of spring. This brilliant beauty with its ruffled, flame-kissed cup dances for what seems like forever in the garden, lasting longer in bloom than any other daffodil we’ve ever grown. To the dance! 2 W-YYO, 16-18”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

Limit 10, please.


On sale now! If daffodils were athletes, ‘Avalanche’ would be wearing Olympic gold. Extra vigorous, with 15-20 fragrant blossoms per stem, it’s so tough it was discovered in 1906 clinging to a sea-cliff in the Scilly Isles where tazettas had been grown by the millions in the 19th century. Superb in zones 6a-9b(11bWC), it’s also easy to force on pebbles for a winter treat. 8 W-Y, 16-18”, from Holland. Chart and care.

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BANTAM, 1950

On sale now! This bright little RHS AGM-winner has been called “the best intermediate-sized daffodil for the garden.” If its flowers were any larger, its vivid yellow petals and sizzling orange-rimmed cup might be too much, but to us they seem just right – perky and full of life, like the spirited little roosters it’s named for. 2 Y-YOO, late blooming, 14-16”, zones 4a-8a(10aWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

You save 50%!

BATH’S FLAME, 1913Rarest & It’s Back!

Once celebrated as a larger, improved ‘Conspicuus’, this rare beauty features velvety primrose petals and an orange-kissed cup. After a lifetime of farming daffodils – and breeding award-winning new ones – our friend Ron Scamp of Cornwall ranks it as one of his three favorite heirlooms. By the good Rev. Engleheart, father of ‘Beersheba’, ‘White Lady’, and other enduring classics, 3 Y-YYO, 16-18”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.

BEERSHEBA, 1923Rarest

This immaculate classic with its slender trumpet is early-blooming, free-flowering, quick to increase, and a lovely, warm ivory. Introduced by the good Rev. Engleheart when he was in his 70s, it won high praise from Guy Wilson, the century’s greatest daffodil breeder, as “a flower of arresting beauty and outstanding purity.” 1 W-W, 14-16”, zones 4a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.


On sale now! Named for the tiny Irish hometown of its creator Guy Wilson – the 20th century’s grand master of white daffodils – beefy ‘Broughshane’ features creamy white petals and a deeply ruffled trumpet of white with hints of amber, all set off by handsome, blue-green, almost leek-like foliage. 1 W-W, 18-20”, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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This charming name gets mistakenly applied to all sorts of double yellow daffodils, so let the buyer beware. Ours is the authentic Southern heirloom – hardy north to zone 5 – that’s been a folk favorite and passalong plant for centuries. Its soft yellow petals are interspersed with shorter ones of gold to almost orange, and even snooty William Robinson in The English Flower Garden praised it as “handsome and abundant.” Aka N. incomparabilis aurantius plenus, 4 Y-Y, 16-18”, zones 5b-8b(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

Limit 10, please.

N. x odorus, CAMPERNELLE, 1601

Beware of imitations! Our Texas-grown bulbs are the true heirloom that has made itself at home since colonial days in old gardens throughout the South – and north through zone 6 at least. (We even have a customer growing them on the shores of Lake Superior.) With their distinctively lobed cups, our true Campernelles are early, fragrant, and full of the grace and staying-power of wildflowers. You’ll have more and more every year! Aka Large Jonquil, 13 Y-Y, 10-14”, zones 6a-8b(10bWC), from Texas. Chart, care, and learn more.

Limit 5, please.

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