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FIREBRAND, 1897        Rarest
With a fiery heart and long, creamy-white petals, ‘Firebrand’ lights up the spring garden like a shooting star. “Remarkable for the brilliant coloring of the prettily fluted cup,” wrote A.M. Kirby in 1907, and though the benchmarks for brilliance have changed since then, it’s still a graceful and remarkably beautiful flower. 3-WWY-R, 18-20”, early-mid, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart.
DA-942 3/$10 5/$16 10/$29.50 25/$67.50 50/$125 SOLD OUT
FIRETAIL, 1910        Rarest
To enjoy the full brilliance of this graceful antique, catch it when it first opens. Although its flat, rippled cup may not be the “solid, deep rich red” that Albert Calvert praised in his monumental 1929 Daffodil Growing for Pleasure and Profit, it’s close – and stunning. 3 W-R, 18-20”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-956 3/$10 5/$16 10/$29.50 25/$67.50 50/$125 SOLD OUT
GERANIUM, 1930        
Congratulations to this ageless beauty for winning the 2016 Wister Award, the ADS’s highest honor for garden daffodils! With clustered florets almost twice the size of most poetazes, and sun-proof, juicy orange cups that stay vibrant day after day, it’s a late-season pick-me-up you’ll look forward to spring after spring. 8 W-O, 18-20”, zones 5b-8b(10bWC), from Holland. See all of our Wister Award-winners. Chart and care.
DA-58 10/$16 25/$37 50/$69 100/$128 250/$288 SOLD OUT
GLORY OF LISSE, 1901        Rarest
This fragrant beauty survives from the dawn of the 20th century when the wildflower grace of pheasant’s-eye narcissus made them especially popular. With snow-white petals and an eye of old gold trimmed with red, it’s named for 800-year-old Lisse, home of the world famous Keukenhof bulb gardens. 9 W-YYR, 18-20”, zones 4a-7a(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-971 3/$10 5/$16 10/$29.50 25/$67.50 50/$125 SOLD OUT
GOLDEN SPUR, 1885        Rarest
“If I could have but one,” wrote A.M. Kirby in 1907 in America’s first book about daffodils, “I would choose this.” It’s a favorite of ours, too, a glorious Victorian trumpet full of wildflower vigor and grace. It’s extra early, blooming as the crocus fade, and multiplies with gusto. 1 Y-Y, 14-15”, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-17 3/$10.50 5/$16.50 10/$31 25/$71 50/$131 SOLD OUT
GRAND PRIMO, 1780        
This legendary, 18th-century tazetta is one of our most sought-after treasures. “Certainly no finer flowering bulbs are available for Southerners,” Ogden writes in Garden Bulbs for the South. “They are by far the most vigorous, persistent, and floriferous” narcissus in zones 8a-9b(11bWC). If you garden there, you want this jewel! Aka ‘Grand Primo Citroniere’, 8 W-Y,
14-16”, fat, fresh California-grown bulbs. Chart and care.
DA-59 3/$16 5/$25.50 10/$47.50 25/$108 50/$200 SOLD OUT
HORN OF PLENTY, 1947        Rarest
With distinctively long bells that give it a look of languorous abundance, this post-war beauty “stands out as exceptional” among the often “rather similar” triandrus clan, says connoisseur Geoff Stebbings in Spring Bulbs. Its silky blooms are a mellow, creamy white, and the first time it bloomed here we knew we had to share it. 5 W-W, 14-16”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-985 3/$10.50 5/$16.50 10/$31 25/$71 50/$131 SOLD OUT
IRENE COPELAND, 1915        
This is the neatest double daffodil we’ve ever seen. With creamy white petals arranged just so and trimmed with bits of pale primrose yellow, it would look perfect on an Edwardian lady’s Easter bonnet. For a photo of the real Irene and her sister Mary along with their fascinating story as told to us by Irene’s daughter, click here. 4 W-Y, 16-18”, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-20 5/$12 10/$22.50 25/$51.50 50/$96 100/$178 SOLD OUT
JENNY, 1943        Rarest
The Royal Horticultural Society and our crew here at OHG agree – this is a wonderful little daffodil. Winner of the RHS AGM, it’s a strong grower with flowers that open white and yellow, mature to almost pure white, and look like miniature shooting stars. Try it, as our friend John Shipton recommends, paired with blue Scilla siberica or grape hyacinths. 6 W-W, early-mid, 12-14”, zones 5a-8a(10aWC), from Holland. Chart and care.
DA-945 5/$11.50 10/$21.50 25/$49.50 50/$92 100/$170 SOLD OUT
N. jonquilla, JONQUIL, EARLY LOUISIANA, 1612        
“The sweetest smelling flower your grandmother grew,” says our friend Celia Jones of Sisters’ Bulb Farm near Shreveport, and for many Southerners N. jonquilla’s fragrance is the essence of spring. With clusters of nickel-sized flowers that seem made for fairies, our true, American-heirloom “French” strain blooms much earlier than the widely-offered Dutch strains. A.k.a. Sweeties, Simplex, Cologne Bottle, and more; 13 Y-Y, 8-10”, zones 6b-8b(10bWC), from Texas. Chart and care.
DA-21 3/$12 5/$19 10/$35.50 25/$81 50/$150 SOLD OUT
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