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N. x italicus, MINOR MONARQUE, 1809Rarest & Web-Only

Often the first tazetta to bloom in the new year, this sturdy pass-along plant has narrow, pointed petals that make its clustered blooms look like fistfuls of stars. As Texas bulb expert Thad Howard wrote, it’s “enduring, sweet-scented” and “deserves more respect and popularity.” 8 W-Y, 20”, zones 8a-9b(10bWC), from Alabama. Chart and care.


MRS. KRELAGE, 1912Rarest & Web-Only

Named for the wife of one of Holland’s greatest bulb-growers – so you know it has to be good – ‘Mrs. Ernst H. Krelage’ was once sold for a whopping $162 per bulb. Lost to American gardeners for years until we reintroduced it in 2011, it’s a sturdy, buxom flower of creamy white and palest lemon. 1 W-W, 18-20”, zones 4a-8a(10bWC), Holland. Chart and care. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.

DA-976 3/$20 SOLD OUT

MRS. WILLIAM COPELAND, 1930Rarest & Web-Only

It’s back! This extra-rare, white-on-white beauty completes the Copeland Family Double-Daffodil Trifecta. Mrs. Copeland was the mother of the lovely Irene and Mary Copeland, and the wife of the greatest breeder of double daffodils the world has ever known. (Read the family’s story here.) We imported a few bulbs of ‘Mrs. Copeland’ from Australia many years ago, and ever since then we’ve been looking forward to this beautiful mother and child reunion. 4 W-W, early-mid season, 18-20”, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

Almost gone! Limit 3.

RUSTOM PASHA, 1930Rarest & Web-Only

It’s back! Named for a prize-winning “red” stallion raced back then by the Aga Khan, this bright, cheerful flower was one of the first with a truly orange, sun-proof cup. We managed to import a few bulbs of it from Australia in the 1990s and slowly built up stock, but the last time we had enough to offer it was in 2010. In other words, if you want it, you ’d be wise to order now! 2 Y-O, zones 5a-7b(8bWC), early-mid season, 18-20” from Holland. Chart and care.

Limit 10, please.

STILTON, 1909Rarest & Web-Only

Bred by Devonshire nurseryman E.B. Champernowne, the man who gave the world ‘Red Devon’, this much rarer daffodil survives from the Golden Age of pheasant’s-eyes. We have just 100 bulbs this year from one of Holland’s greatest daffodil collectors, and it could be years before he has any more to share with us, so get it while you can! 9 W-YYR, late blooming, 14-16”, zones 4a-7a(9bWC). Chart and care.


TWINK, 1925Rarest & Web-Only

This Jazz Age classic has long, rippling petals of primrose-to-cream flaring jauntily out of a ruffled center of orange and gold. Hardy north through zone 5, it’s especially well-loved in the South because, unlike many other doubles, it opens reliably even there. 4 Y-O, mid-season, 18-20”, zones 5a-8b(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

Limit 5, please.

N. x medioluteus, TWIN SISTERS, 1597Web-Only

“Generally knowne everywhere,” wrote the great herbalist John Gerard in 1597 about this fragrant wildflower he called Primrose Peerless. Today its many folk names which include Loving Couples, Cemetery Ladies, and April Beauty attest to its wide-spread popularity and endurance.With two blooms per stem, white with tiny citron cups, it’s also wonderfully late-blooming. Formerly N. biflorus, 13 W-Y, 12-14”, zones 6a-8b(10bWC), from Texas. Chart and care.


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