Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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GRAND BLANCHE IMPERIALE, 1798        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Although far from showy, this is the oldest traditional hyacinth available today. Sold in the US by 1830, it was praised in 1894 for its “large thick bells” of “charming rosy or blush white.” By the 1950s it was thought to be extinct but it survived in a small botanic garden in Lithuania, and after the fall of the Iron Curtain a few bulbs made their way to Alan Shipp at the UK National Collection – and eventually here. 10-12”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from England. Chart and care.
HY-45 1/$8 3/$22 5/$34.50 10/$64 25/$144 SOLD OUT
GRAND MONARQUE, 1863        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! The embodiment of spring’s silvery blue skies, this heavenly hyacinth is old enough to have been grown by Florence Nightingale and Charles Dickens. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from our English friend Alan Shipp, the Noah of hyacinths. Chart and care.
HY-17 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 50/$297 SOLD OUT
KING OF THE BLUES, 1863        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Although most hyacinths today are a bit stout, this fabulous ‘King’ retains the narrow, pillar-like shape that was the norm long ago. Its amazing color, though, is what has preserved it – a deep, rich, dark purple that’s as satisfying as the darkest chocolate. 10-12”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from the UK National Collection. Chart and care.
HY-19 1/$10 3/$27.50 5/$43 10/$80 25/$180 50/$330 SOLD OUT
MENELIK, 1911        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Black is beautiful, and this astonishing hyacinth – named in honor of the Victorian king of Ethiopia – is an intense indigo-purple shading to absolute BLACK. Although it went commercially extinct in Holland in 2001, most years we get a handful of bulbs from Alan Shipp of the UK National Collection. 10-12”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from England. Chart and care.
HY-27 1/$9.50 3/$26 5/$41 10/$76 25/$171 SOLD OUT
MULBERRY ROSE, 1946        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! The unusual, old-fashioned color of this rare hyacinth sets it apart. It’s a misty puplish-rose, deeper in the center of the petals, paler at the edges, like raspberry ice cream swirled with raspberry sorbet. 8-10”, zones 5a-8a(10bWC), from the UK National Collection of Hyacinths. Chart and care.
HY-34 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 50/$297 SOLD OUT
PERLE BRILLIANTE, 1895        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! A shimmering, silvery blue-purple like antique pewter — or pearls — this Victorian relic was last harvested in the Netherlands in 2000. To preserve it, we sent a boxful of those final bulbs to Alan Shipp, holder of the UK National Collection, and now you can enjoy the happy fruits of our partnership! Learn more. 10-12”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from England. Chart and care.
HY-26 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 50/$297 SOLD OUT
ROMAN DARK BLUE, 1597        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Just a bit darker than the blue Romans we get from the Hortus, with slightly wider petals and an almost chocolate-colored stem, this fragrant, steadily multiplying charmer comes to us from Alan Shipp of the UK National Hyacinth Collection. A bit less cold-hardy than regular hyacinths: zones 6a-8a(10bWC), 8-10”. Chart and care.
HY-51 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 10/$72 25/$162 SOLD OUT
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