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EARLY PEARL, 1899Rarest & Web-Only

Nameless but thriving, ‘Early Pearl’ was rediscovered in old gardens of the Southeast’s “Spanish Moss Belt.” Early to bloom and best where summers are hot, it has starry white petals, tiny citron cups that mature to white, and a fresher scent than most tazettas. Experts believe it dates to the late 1800s. 8 W-Y, 14-16”, zones 8a-9b(11bWC), big, fat California bulbs. Chart and care.


FEU DE JOIE, 1927Rarest & Web-Only

It’s back! Introduced at the height of the Roaring Twenties, this free-spirited flower combines a dozen long, wavy outer petals with a crinkled center of orange and gold. Pronounced fə də JWAH, it was bred by the master of doubles, William Copeland, and named for a celebratory rifle salute known as the “fire of joy.” 4 W-O, 18-20”, early-mid season, zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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GLORY OF LISSE, 1901Rarest & Web-Only

This fragrant beauty survives from the dawn of the 20th century when the wildflower grace of pheasant’s-eye narcissus made them especially popular. With snow-white petals and an eye of old gold trimmed with red, it’s named for 800-year-old Lisse, home of the world famous Keukenhof bulb gardens. 9 W-YYR, 18-20”, zones 4a-7a(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.


HENRY IRVING, 1885Rarest & Web-Only

Every spring in the quaint old parterre garden at Keukenhof, Holland’s wonderland of bulbs, this charming antique trumpet launches the show. And who was Henry Irving? Visit www.theirvingsociety.org.uk to learn more about the Victorian actor who still has a fan club 100 years after his death. 1 Y-Y, 15-16”, zones 4a-8b(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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HORACE, 1894Rarest & Web-Only

Named for the Roman poet who celebrated country life and carpe diem, ‘Horace’ was once so popular that daffodil breeder P.D. Williams ranked it with the great ‘King Alfred’ as one of the two “outstanding successes” of its era. It’s another enduring gift to gardeners from the immortal George Engleheart, and truly a landmark daffodil. 9 W-GOR, 18-20”, zones 4a-7a(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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INGLESCOMBE, 1912Rarest & Web-Only

Lemon chiffon pie? The fresh, light color of this rare double is hard to describe but refreshingly different from the bright yellows and golds of most daffodils. It’s distinct in shape, too, a fluffy poof of a flower, relaxed yet never sloppy. Prepare to meet a real individual! 4 Y-Y, 16-18”, z. 4a-7b(9bWC), Holland. Chart and care. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.

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INSULINDE, 1921Rarest & Web-Only

‘Insulinde’ somehow manages to be both graceful and exuberant at the same time. Framed by a row or two of creamy white outer petals, its center is a throng of luminous orange petalets spiked with random flares of cream. Bred by the illustrious Mrs. Backhouse (of daffodil and lily fame), it’s named for a wildly popular Victorian novel set in Indonesia. 4 W-O, 21-23”, zones 5a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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JOHN EVELYN, 1920Rarest & Web-Only

From the creator of the great Copeland family trio — ‘Irene’, ‘Mary’, and ‘Mrs. William’ — comes this rare flower with round, creamy white petals and a wonderfully ruffled cup of apricot-gold maturing to lemon. (Read the family’s story here.) Its name honors the great 17th-century diarist and author of books about everything from trees (his famous Sylva) to “sallets.” 2 W-O, early blooming, 18-20”, zones 4a-8a(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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KING ALFRED, 1899Rarest & Web-Only

True stock! You may think you’ve grown this landmark daffodil, but since the 1950s most bulbs sold in the US as ‘King Alfred’ have been newer, over-sized impostors that were easier to mass-produce in the mild, moist Dutch climate. The real ‘King’ is actually so rare today that we can’t offer it every year, but we have a small supply this fall from Holland’s greatest daffodil collector — and it’s gold, bold, and everything a world famous icon should be. Y-Y, 21-23", zones 4a-7b(9bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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LITTLE WITCH, 1921Rarest & Web-Only

It’s back! Cute name, very cute flower. From the wild N. cyclamineus, it’s a bright yellow pixie with a long, fluted, “stove-pipe” trumpet and petals that sweep back as if it were riding a broomstick. Vigorous, early-blooming, and a terrific perennializer, it has inexplicably all but disappeared from US catalogs. 6Y-Y, 10-12 inches, early-mid season, zones 6a-8b(10bWC), from Holland. Chart and care.

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