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Name Date Type Color Season Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
Absalon 17801780 BrokenBroken browns on gold 6late spring 3216” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Apricot Beauty 19531953 Single EarlySingle Early soft apricot-pink 2early spring 2914-16” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Archeron 19131913 Single LateSingle Late dark garnet-red 6late spring 4220-24” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Black and White 19201920 BrokenBroken dark purple on white 6late spring 3416-20” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Black Parrot 19371937 ParrotParrot dark purple 6late spring 3919-21” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Bleu Aimable 19161916 Single LateSingle Late lilac 6late spring 4824” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Blondine 19561956 ParrotParrot blonde & beautiful 4mid spring 3416-20” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Blue Parrot 19271927 ParrotParrot soft lavender 6late spring 4220-24” 3a-7b(8bWC) Web-Only
Bridesmaid 19001900 BrokenBroken red flames on white 6late spring 3014-18” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Cerise Gris-de-Lin 18601860 Single EarlySingle Early rose shaded fawn 2early spring 0 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Clara Butt 18891889 Single LateSingle Late shell pink 6late spring 4422” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Columbine 19291929 BrokenBroken purple on white 6late spring 3618” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Couleur Cardinal 18451845 TriumphTriumph deep red 3early-mid spring 2512-14” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Demeter 19321932 TriumphTriumph rosy purple 4mid spring 4824” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Dom Pedro 19061906 Single LateSingle Late brown & maroon 6late spring 3818-22” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Duc van Tol Red and Yellow 15951595 Duc van TolDuc van Tol red & gold 1very early spring 126” 4b-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Elegans Alba 18951895 Lily-floweredLily-flowered vanilla 6late spring 3216” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Elegans Rubra 18721872 Lily-floweredLily-flowered blood red 6late spring 3216” 4b-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Estella Rijnveld 19541954 ParrotParrot red flames on white 6late spring 3718-20” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Florentine tulip 15971597 SpeciesSpecies yellow 5late-mid spring 198-14” 5a-8a(8bWC)
Garden Party 19441944 TriumphTriumph deep rose & white 4mid spring 3316-18” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Generaal de Wet 19041904 Single EarlySingle Early amber-orange 2early spring 2814” 3a-7b(8bWC)
acuminata 18161816 SpeciesSpecies yellow & red 6late spring 4020” 3b-7a(8aWC)
clusiana 16071607 SpeciesSpecies rose & white 4mid spring 2210-14” 6a-8b(10bWC) Rarest
marjolettii 18941894 SpeciesSpecies pale yellow & rose 6late spring 2814” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Insulinde 19141914 BrokenBroken purple on white 6late spring 3216” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Ivory Floradale 19651965 Darwin HybridDarwin Hybrid warm, creamy ivory 4mid spring 4220-24” 3a-7b(8bWC) New, Web-Only
James Wild 18901890 Single LateSingle Late brown (yes, brown!) 6late spring 3718-20” 4a-7a(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Jules Favres 19131913 Single LateSingle Late orange, brown 6late spring 5024-28” 4a-7b(8aWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Keizerskroon 17501750 Single EarlySingle Early red edged yellow 2early spring 2613” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Kingsblood 19521952 Single LateSingle Late classic red 6late spring 4522-24” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Koh-I-Noor 18951895 Single EarlySingle Early smoldering ruby 2early spring 2110-12” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Lac van Rijn 16201620 Single EarlySingle Early red-purple & ivory 3early-mid spring 2814” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Mabel 18561856 BrokenBroken cherry red on white 6late spring 3618” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Madras 19131913 Single LateSingle Late brown (yes, brown!) 6late spring 4622-26” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Mariette 19421942 Lily-floweredLily-flowered rose to silvery pink 6late spring 4220-24” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Mirella 19531953 TriumphTriumph pink, raspberry, silver 4mid spring 4522-24” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Old Times 19051905 Single LateSingle Late brown & gold 6late spring 3818-22” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Orange King 19031903 Single LateSingle Late orange & rose 6late spring 3718-20” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Peach Blossom 18901890 Double EarlyDouble Early pink & white 3early-mid spring 2110-12” 4a-7b(8bWC)
Philippe de Comines 18911891 Single LateSingle Late dark burgundy 6late spring 4220-24” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Prince Albert 18631863 Single LateSingle Late soft lavender & pearl 6late spring 4522-24” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Prince of Austria 18601860 Single EarlySingle Early red to orange 2early spring 2110-12” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Princess Elizabeth 18981898 Single LateSingle Late silvery pink 6late spring 3818-22” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
Prinses Irene 19491949 TriumphTriumph orange & purple 4mid spring 2814” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Rococo 19421942 ParrotParrot red, purple, & more 4mid spring 2914-16” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Schoonoord 19091909 Double EarlyDouble Early frothy white 3early-mid spring 2110-12” 4a-7b(8bWC)
Silver Standard 17601760 BrokenBroken red on white 4mid spring 2512-14” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Back
Temple of Beauty 19591959 Single LateSingle Late bold orange & fuchsia 6late spring 6130-32” 3a-7b(8bWC)
The Lizard 19031903 BrokenBroken rose & purple on cream 6late spring 4220-24” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only
White Triumphator 19421942 Lily-floweredLily-flowered white 6late spring 4723-25” 3a-7b(8bWC)
Willemsoord 19301930 Double EarlyDouble Early carmine-rose & pearl 3early-mid spring 2110-12” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Willem van Oranje 19331933 Double EarlyDouble Early copper-peach 3early-mid spring 2110-12” 3a-7b(8bWC) Rarest
Zomerschoon 16201620 BrokenBroken strawberry on cream 6late spring 3316-18” 4a-7b(8bWC) Rarest, Web-Only