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Name Date Latin Name Color Special Qualities Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
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August Pioneer 1939 Hemerocallis apricot-orange longest bloomer 34-36” 4a-8b(9bWC) Back
Bette Russell 1956 Hemerocallis yellow 36” 4a-8b(10bWC) New
Black Friar 1951 Hemerocallis vintage burgundy sun-proof colors 32-38” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Challenger 1949 Hemerocallis rich brick-red 5 feet tall 48-72” 4a-8b(10bWC) Back
Evelyn Claar 1949 Hemerocallis peachy-pink with gold Chicago-tough 24-28” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Gertrude Condon 1956 Hemerocallis orange 28” 4a-8b(10bWC) New
Marse Connell 1952 Hemerocallis bright red & yellow long, pointed petals 34-38” 4a-8b(10bWC) Back
Melonee 1959 Hemerocallis peaches and whipped cream by a candy-factory chemist 30” 5a-8b(10aWC) Back
Purple Waters 1942 Hemerocallis dark red 36” 4a-8b(10bWC) New
Winsome Lady 1964 Hemerocallis pink 24” 4a-8b(10bWC) New