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Name Date Latin Name Color Special Qualities Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
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August Pioneer 1939 Hemerocallis apricot-orange longest bloomer 34-36” 4a-8b(9bWC)
Autumn Minaret 1951 Hemerocallis soft gold & chestnut tall, tall, TALL! 60-84” 4a-8b(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Baggette 1945 Hemerocallis lemon & old rose extended bloom 32-36” 4a-8b(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Black Falcon 1941 Hemerocallis mahogany & gold once the darkest of all 32-36” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Caballero 1941 Hemerocallis gold & rust Zorro’s favorite 36-40” 4a-8b(10bWC) Back
Circe 1937 Hemerocallis chiffon-yellow Depression-era enchantress 32-36” 4a-8b(9bWC) Back
Gold Dust 1905 Hemerocallis gold & cinnamon charming little pioneer 24-26” 5a-8b(10bWC)
Kwanso double 1860 H. fulva ‘Kwanso’ deep orange three blooms in one 36-40” 4a-8b(10bWC)
lemon lily 1570 H. lilioasphodelus clean yellow true stock! 24-32” 3a-7a(9aWC) Rarest
Libby Finch 1949 Hemerocallis black cherry white lines make it pop 34-36” 4a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Luteola 1900 Hemerocallis golden yellow Scott’s front yard favorite 28-32” 5a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Melonee 1959 Hemerocallis peaches and whipped cream by a candy-factory chemist 30” 5a-8b(10aWC)
Mikado 1929 Hemerocallis mango & mahogany one of Stout’s first & favorite 30-36” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Neyron Rose 1950 Hemerocallis deep raspberry-rose dramatic ivory midribs 30-32” 4a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Ophir 1924 Hemerocallis golden yellow long & trumpet-shaped 38-46” 4a-8b(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Painted Lady 1942 Hemerocallis bronze and cinnamon abundant, marmalade blooms 3’ 5a-8b(10bWC) Rarest, Back
Port 1941 Hemerocallis glowing, rusty red small-flowered & profuse 26-32” 4a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Potentate 1943 Hemerocallis red-violet undertones plantlets on bloomstalks 36-42” 4a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Rosalind 1941 H. fulva var. rosea ‘Rosalind’ rusty red very first red, from China 38-42” 4a-8a(10aWC) Rarest, Back
Royal Beauty 1947 Hemerocallis purple-shaded wine even its foliage is beautiful 32-36” 5a-9a(10aWC) Back
Theron 1934 Hemerocallis dark mahogany-red history’s first “red” 30-34” 4a-8b(9bWC) Rarest, Back