Rare Poets Society sampler heirloom bulbs

With their wildflower grace, colorful “eyes,” and spicy perfume, daffodils bred from Narcissus poeticus were especially popular during the Arts and Crafts era of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Explore the simple elegance of 4 of the greatest of these all-but-lost poets: 1 ‘Horace’ (from 1894), 1 ‘Glory of Lisse’ (1901), 1 ‘Stilton’ (1909), and 1 ‘Cantabile’ (1932). For zones 4a-7a(9bWC), from Holland.

SUB TYPE   Division 9, poeticus, poet, pheasant's eye

ZONES   4a-7a(9bWC)

LIGHT   full sun, half sun, light shade