We’re constantly searching for great old bulbs to add to our catalog. (Email us your suggestions!) Here’s what we’re offering for the first time – or after a hiatus – in 2022.

Sir Watkin
Sir Watkin, 1868
Monsieur Jules Elie
Monsieur Jules Elie, 1888
Henry Sass
Henry Sass, 1948
Duc van Tol Scarlet
Duc van Tol Scarlet, 1850
Katharine Hodgkins
Katharine Hodgkins, 1955
Couronne d’Or
Couronne d’Or, 1873

New (or Back) for FALL Planting


Bath’s Flame daffodil, 1913 – one of Ron Scamp’s three favorites
Cassandra daffodil, 1897 – rare Victorian pheasant’s-eye
Horace daffodil, 1894 – poet of carpe diem
Inglescombe daffodil, 1912 – a double helping of sunlight
Laurens Koster daffodil, 1906 – pioneering poetaz
Little Witch daffodil, 1921 – cute, very cute
Lucifer daffodil, 1890 – heavenly wings, devilish cup
Seagull daffodil, 1893 – floats like a butterfly, apricot rim
Sir Watkin daffodil, 1868 – one of the all-time greats


Magnet snowdrop, 1889 – “easily recognized, even from a distance”



Auten’s Pride peony, 1933 – soft pink with lavender undertones
Brand’s Magnificent peony, 1918 – “the nearest blue of any red peony”
Couronne d’Or peony, 1873 – gold-crowned, hard to find
Gay Paree peony, 1933 – showy enough for the Folies Bergère
Henry Sass peony, 1948 – “truly magnificent”
James R. Mann peony, 1920 – striped buds, lotus-like flowers
Monsieur Jules Elie peony, 1888 – “absolutely dependable,” even in the South
Nick Shaylor peony, 1931 – “the near perfect peony”
Sword Dance peony, 1933 – Japanese-style Award of Garden Merit winner
Victoire de la Marne peony, 1915 – a favorite of European florists
Walter Faxon peony, 1904 – luscious peach-tinted pink


Cottage Maid tulip, 1857 – rose and white sweetheart
Duc van Tol Scarlet tulip, 1850 – perfect miniature
Julia Farnese tulip, 1853 – “supremely elegant” broken tulip
Rosamunde Huykman tulip, 1895 – like a pink and white sunrise
Silver Standard tulip, 1760 – dazzling red on white

New (or Back) for SPRING Planting


Arabian Night dahlia, 1951 – deep velvety crimson beauty
Duet dahlia, 1955 – A duet of colors
My Love dahlia, 1964 – evening garden delight


Annette daylily, 1945 – spunky little redhead
Baggette daylily, 1945 – cool lemon and old rose
Luxury Lace daylily, 1959 – melon-colored Stout Medal winner
Salmon Sheen daylily, 1950 – Stout Medal winner


Dauntless gladiolus, 1940 – Lauren Bacall in pink
Green Lace gladiolus, 1961 – daintily ruffled and cute as a button
Lucky Star gladiolus, 1966 – a truly fragrant glad!


Coronation iris, 1927 – the perfect yellow iris?
Eleanor Roosevelt iris, 1933 – short, early, and reblooming
Fairy iris, 1905 – first American iris
Frank Adams iris, 1937 – parchment, bronze, and oxblood
Loreley iris, 1909 – perfectly imperfect charmer
Mrs. Horace Darwin iris, 1888 – elegant white
pallida Dalmatica iris, 1597 – grape-scented, the quintessential iris
Quaker Lady iris, 1909 – smoky lavender and fawn
Swerti iris, 1612 – from the gardens of Emperor Rudolf II
Wabash iris, 1936 – vibrant Dykes Medal-winning iris