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Name Date Latin Name Type Color Season Ht. Fragrant Zones
African Queen 19581958 trumpettrumpet amber, copper 3mid summer 1265-6’ 0richly 5a-8b(10bWC)
Black Beauty 19571957 OrienpetOrienpet dark raspberry 3mid summer 1325-7’ 2lightly 5a-8a(10bWC)
Formosa lily 19181918 L. formosanum speciesspecies white 5late summer 1325-7’ 1fragrant 6b-9b(10bWC)
gold band lily 18621862 L. auratum platyphyllum OrientalOriental white with lemon 3mid summer 542½-3’ 0richly 5a-7b(9bWC)
Golden Splendor 19571957 trumpettrumpet gold & bronze 3mid summer 1265-6’ 0richly 5a-8b(10bWC)
superbum 16651665 L. superbum speciesspecies orange, gold 3mid summer 1385-8’ 3 4b-8b(10bWC)
Madonna lily -1600BC1600 BC L. candidum speciesspecies white 1early summer 723’ 0richly 6a-7b(9bWC)
Pink Perfection 19501950 trumpettrumpet burgundy-pink 3mid summer 1084-6’ 1fragrant 5a-8b(10bWC)
Red Velvet 19641964 AsiaticAsiatic dark red 2early-mid summer 843-5’ 3 4a-8a(10bWC)
regal lily 19051905 L. regale trumpettrumpet mostly white 1early summer 903-6’ 0richly 4a-8a(10bWC)
tiger lily 18041804 L. lancifolium ‘Splendens’ tigertiger orange 3mid summer 843-5’ 3 4a-8b(10bWC)
tiger lily, double 18701870 L. lancifolium ‘Flore-Pleno’ tigertiger orange 3mid summer 843-5’ 3 4a-8b(10bWC)
White Henryi 19451945 OrienpetOrienpet ivory, tawny 3mid summer 1084-6’ 2lightly 5a-7b(9bWC)