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Name Date Color Notes Fragrant Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
Blue Rhythm 19451945 cornflower blue 0Iowa farmboy 2lightly 7336-38” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Caprice 18981898 brilliant rose 0glows in the garden 0richly 4924-26” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Dauntless 19291929 burgundy & rose 0luxurious Dykes Medal winner 3 7236” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Eleanor Roosevelt 19331933 dark red-purple 0short and reblooming 3 4020” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Flavescens 18131813 pale, luminous yellow 0shimmering & free-flowering 2lightly 5728-30” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back, Web-Only
Florentina 15001500 antique pewter 0the herbalists’ orris root 3 6532-34” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Germanica 15001500 deep purple 0the original! 0richly 6330-36” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back, Web-Only
Gracchus 18841884 pale gold & raisin-purple 0Wave Hill favorite 2lightly 4220-24” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Honorabile 18401840 perky yellow & mahogany 0short & tough 3 4220-24” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Monsignor 19071907 violet & deep, velvety claret 0by Vilmorin-Andrieux 0richly 5828-32” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Mrs. George Darwin 18951895 white with gold & purple 0perfect for bouquets 3 4924-26” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
pallida Dalmatica 15971597 pale lavender 0grape-scented 0richly 7336-38” 3a-8a(10bWC) Web-Only
Plumeri 18881888 coppery rose & velvety claret 0jewel-like brilliance 2lightly 3918-24” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Queen of May 18591859 rosy lavender 0the first “pink” iris 2lightly 5828-32” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back