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Name Date Latin Name Color Special Qualities Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
Black Falcon 19411941 Hemerocallis mahogany & gold 0once the darkest of all 6632-36” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back, Web-Only
Crimson Pirate 19511951 Hemerocallis crimson! 0Nebraska-bred 6130-32” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Evelyn Claar 19491949 Hemerocallis peachy-pink with gold 0Chicago-tough 5024-28” 4a-8b(10aWC) Back
Gold Dust 19051905 Hemerocallis gold & cinnamon 0charming little pioneer 4924-26” 5a-8b(10bWC) Back
Kindly Light 19491949 Hemerocallis lemon yellow 0curling, spidery petals 5424-36” 4a-8b(10bWC) Web-Only
lemon lily 15701570 H. lilioasphodelus clean yellow 0true stock! 6230-34” 3a-7a(9aWC) Web-Only
Melonee 19591959 Hemerocallis peaches and whipped cream 0by a candy-factory chemist 5226” 5a-8b(10aWC) Back
Mikado 19291929 Hemerocallis mango & mahogany 0one of Stout’s first & favorite 6330-36” 4a-8a(10aWC) Back, Web-Only
Royal Beauty 19471947 Hemerocallis purple-shaded wine 0even its foliage is beautiful 6934-36” 5a-9a(10aWC) New