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All bulbs for fall 2019 are SOLD OUT. Thanks for a great season!

Order these fall-planted bulbs NOW for delivery this OCTOBER.

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Our most popular sampler! It’s an easy, money-saving introduction to the joys of antique bulbs. We’ll send you at least $35 worth of diverse, time-tested, fall-planted bulbs for just ${$PRICE}. They’ll all be labeled, great for your hardiness zone, and may include daffodils, lilies, hyacinths, tulips, peonies, crocus, and other treasures. It’s fun, it’s easy, and it’s a deal!

Please order by USDA hardiness zone. (Don’t know yours? Find it here.)

Limit 1 sampler per address, please. Diverse Fall care.

COF-04 1/$30 SOLD OUT
COF-05 1/$30 SOLD OUT
COF-06 1/$30 SOLD OUT
COF-07 1/$30 SOLD OUT


Herald the new year’s renaissance with this tapestry of white, purple, lavender, gold, and striped crocus. You’ll get 25 corms – 5 each of 5 of our gems – all individually labeled. For zones 4a-7b(8bWC).

For 10, 15, or more of each, order additional samplers. Crocus care.

COF-27 1/$19 2/$36.50 3/$52 4/$67 5/$82 SOLD OUT


Bursting with extra petals, double hyacinths were once the most prized. Rediscover their antique charms with this sampler of 4 unique jewels (clockwise from top left): ‘Madame Sophie’, ‘Chestnut Flower’, ‘General Kohler’, and ‘Hollyhock’. Save the Doubles! For zones 5a-8a(10bWC).

For 2, 3, or more of each, order additional samplers. Hyacinth care.

COF-35 1/$14 2/$27 3/$38.50 4/$49.50 5/$60.50 SOLD OUT


Sample the rich colors and fragrances of these under-appreciated treasures. Easy to force and great in the garden in zones 5a-8a(10bWC). We’ll send five different singles, our choice, all terrific!

For 2, 3, or more of each, order additional samplers. Hyacinth care.

COF-02 1/$14.50 2/$28 3/$39.50 4/$51 5/$62.50 SOLD OUT


Enrich your summer garden with the lush color, fragrance, and drama of heirloom lilies! We’ll send 5 easy-to-grow classics including our all-time customer favorite ‘Black Beauty’. For zones 5a-7b(9bWC) only.

For 2, 3, or more of each variety, order additional samplers. Lily care.

COF-29 1/$22.50 2/$43.50 3/$61.50 4/$79.50 5/$97 SOLD OUT


Got snow? If you garden in zones 4a-6b(8bWC), this sampler of diverse, beautiful, time-tested WHITE daffodils is made for you. We’ll send you 3 bulbs each of 4 easy favorites – 3 ‘Broughshane’, 3 ‘Irene Copeland’, 3 pheasant’s eye, and 3 ‘Thalia’. All are easy to grow and sure to make your next spring lovelier than ever!

For 6, 9, or more of each variety, order additional samplers. Daffodil care. If you’d like to be notified when it’s back in stock, sign up for an email alert.

COF-37 1/$30 2/$57.50 3/$82 4/$106 5/$129 SOLD OUT

PEONY PARADISEWeb-Only & Sampler

For a lifetime of luxurious beauty, plant our easy heirloom peonies this fall. We’ll send you 3 of our favorite old-fashioned doubles – 1 pink, 1 white, and 1 rose-red, all labeled and superb. Give them a sunny spot and they’ll reward you with abundant blooms for a century or more – and they make great cut flowers! For zones 3a-7b(8bWC) only, please.

For 2, 3, or more of each variety, order additional samplers. Peony care.

COF-90 1/$50 2/$96 3/$137 4/$176 5/$215 SOLD OUT


Tough enough to laugh at high heat, poor soils, and even hurricanes, these beauties have graced gardens throughout the South (and warm West) for generations. We’ll send you 1 red spider lily, 1 oxblood lily, 3 ‘Excelsior’ Spanish bluebells, 3 ‘Gravetye Giant’ snowflakes, and 5 Southern grape hyacinths. For zones 7a-8b(9bWC) only.

For more of each variety, order additional samplers. Diverse Fall care.

COF-47 1/$28.50 2/$55 3/$78 4/$101 5/$123 SOLD OUT


More varied than most gardeners realize, tulips can be early, late, fragrant, wild, double, ruffled, striped, and more. Here’s an easy introduction to that blissful diversity. We’ll send you 12 bulbs: 3 fragrant early ‘Prinses Irene’, 3 ruffled late ‘Black Parrot’, 3 double ‘Willemsoord’, 3 wild slender ‘Florentine’. For zones 5a-7b(8bWC).

For 6, 9, or more of each, order additional samplers. Tulip care.

COF-42 1/$23 2/$44 3/$63 4/$81 5/$99 SOLD OUT


These wild little charmers will multiply happily in light shade and soil that’s not too dry in zones 5b-7b(8bWC). You’ll get 5 Grecian windflowers, 5 winter aconites, 5 snake’s-head fritillaries, 5 silver bells, and 5 Siberian squill.

For 10, 15, or more of each, order additional samplers. Diverse Fall care.

COF-40 1/$22 2/$42.50 3/$60 4/$77.50 5/$94.50 SOLD OUT

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