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Our customers know a good thing when they grow it, and they vote with their dollars every year. Here are their favorites based on both numbers sold and dollar value.

Favorites for SPRING Planting


Bishop of Llandaff dahlia, 1927 – dark ferny foliage
Cafe au Lait dahlia, 1967 – It’s not just for brides!
Clair de Lune dahlia, 1946 – elegant and wildflowery
David Howard dahlia, 1960 – dark leaves and non-stop bloom
Prince Noir dahlia, 1954 – ruffled, dark burgundy cactus
Rosemary Webb dahlia, 1956 – abundant, peony-like blooms
Thomas Edison dahlia, 1929 – luxurious true purple


lemon lily daylily, 1570 – fragrant daylily, true stock!


Mexican Single tuberose, 1530 – swooningly fragrant
pink rain lily, 1825 – try it in pots


Abyssinian gladiolus, 1888 – fragrant!
Atom gladiolus, 1946 – pint-sized red and silver


pallida Dalmatica iris, 1597 – grape-scented, the quintessential iris

Favorites for FALL Planting


Cloth of Gold crocus, 1587 – bees flock to this “Turkey crocus”
tommies crocus, 1847 – lavender self-sower


Avalanche daffodil, 1906 – rescued from a British cliffside
Butter and Eggs daffodil, 1777 – the classic cottage-garden double
Carlton daffodil, 1927 – foolproof from ND to FL
Erlicheer daffodil, 1934 – clusters of cheer for outside or in
Louise de Coligny daffodil, 1940 – sweet-scented apricot beauty
Thalia daffodil, 1916 – dove-like classic
jonquil, Early Louisiana daffodil, 1612 – aka Sweeties, Simplex, Cologne Bottle


Byzantine gladiolus, 1629 – true stock!
Dutchman’s breeches, 1731 – Mrs. Trickett’s wild charmer
S. Arnott snowdrop, 1922 – the best snowdrop of all?
blue Spanish bluebell, 1601 – fool-proof classic
red spider lily, 1821 – heirloom triploid, extra tough
trillium, 1799 – “the epitome of woodland natives”
winter aconite, 1578 – earliest blooms


Hollyhock hyacinth, 1936 – deep rose pug-faced rosettes
Roman Blue hyacinth, 1562 – wildflowery, and it multiplies!


Black Beauty lily, 1957 – “indestructible” Hall of Famer
Madonna lily, 1600 BC – most historic lily of all
regal lily, 1905 – fragrant and easy
tiger lily, 1804 – Grandma’s favorite


Duchesse de Nemours peony, 1851 – “creamy chalices” to perfect white clouds
Edulis Superba peony, 1824 – one of the oldest and most fragrant


clusiana tulip, 1607 – original WHITE & red
Apricot Beauty tulip, 1953 – “delectable anywhere”
Bleu Aimable tulip, 1916 – soft, silvery lilac
Dom Pedro tulip, 1906 – “undoubtedly the most attractive” brown tulip
Florentine tulip, 1597 – violet-scented
Keizerskroon tulip, 1750 – “magnificent for any purpose”
White Triumphator tulip, 1942 – elegant favorite of Ryan Gainey