It’s Not Too Late! Save on these Fall-Planted Beauties

It’s hard to predict exactly how many bulbs we’ll need six months to a year in advance, and when our growers offer us more of their rare treasures, we hate to say no. That’s good news for you because the following bulbs are now on sale! They’re going fast, though, so don’t delay!

Cloth of Gold, 1587 – bees flock to this “Turkey crocus”
King of the Striped, 1880 – charmingly imperfect Victorian
Conspicuus, 1869 – Victorian butterflies
Daphne, 1914 – ADS 2008 Best Historic Daffodil
Glory of Lisse, 1901 – one of the finest poets
Grand Primo, 1780 – most vigorous and floriferous
Rose of May, 1950 – rose-like shape and fragrance
Sulphur Phoenix, Codlins and Cream, 1820 – Butter and Egg’s cousin
Sun Disc, 1946 – circular shape and highest honors
Van Sion, 1620 – vigorous multiplier, iconic double
White Lady, 1897 – Victorian lady with a parasol
Roman Pink, 1573 – wildflowery, pink, and wonderful
Roman White, 1597 – the rarest Roman of all
Black Beauty, 1957 – “indestructible” Hall of Famer
Madonna lily, 1600 BC – most historic lily of all
White Henryi, 1945 – Hall of Fame masterpiece
Brand’s Magnificent, 1918 – “the nearest blue of any red peony”
Henry Sass, 1948 – “truly magnificent”
James R. Mann, 1920 – striped buds, lotus-like flowers
Shawnee Chief, 1940 – bronze foliage, exuberant flowers
Black Parrot, 1937 – exuberantly ruffled and frilled
Blue Parrot, 1927 – sophisticated star of JFK’s Rose Garden
clusiana, 1607 – original WHITE & red
Couleur Cardinal, 1845 – red blushed with plum
Elegans Rubra, 1872 – stark simplicity
Mariette, 1942 – graceful pink award-winner
Mirella, 1953 – buff-rose and silvery pink
Schoonoord, 1909 – lush and radiant double
Temple of Beauty, 1959 – bold fashionista’s favorite
sternbergia, 1596 – crocus-like fall-bloomer
surprise lily, magic lily, 1889 – aka naked ladies, resurrection lily
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