Ed’s Old Dahlias Win Big at Country’s Oldest Fair

Ed & his dahlias
proud Ed Permutter and his prize-winning dahlias

It was only fitting. At the country’s oldest agricultural fair last summer, our old dahlias came out on top — thanks to the green thumb and competitive spirit of our good customer Ed Perlmutter.

Founded in 1818, Massachusett’s Topsfield Fair is the granddaddy of thousands of county, state, and other agricultural fairs established by farmers in the 19th century to showcase their crops and animals, to learn from one another, and to have fun. (Learn more about its history.)

Today the Topsfield Fair continues the tradition of awarding cash prizes for the best lamb, sheaf of wheat, and even flowers, so in addition to the blue ribbon Ed won for his dahlias, he also got a check — for $4.

Blue-Ribbon Dahlias!
left to right: ‘Old Gold’ (two blooms), ‘Blue Danube’, ‘Promise’, and ‘White Fawn’