Lilies That Aren’t Lilium

Daylily, water lily, voodoo lily – many flowers are called lilies that are not true lilies, members of the genus Lilium. To help you find the “lily” you’re seeking, here’s a list of about 250 along with the botanical name of each.

If you can think of any others, email us and we’ll add them here. Thanks to our friends at the North American Lily Society for permission to adapt this list from their Judges Training Handbook.

Common Name Botanical Name
adobe lily Fritillaria plurifolia
Afghan lily Schizostyllis coccinea
African blue lily Agapanthus africanus and others
African corn lily Ixia maculata
Amazon lily Eucharis grandiflora
American wood lily Trillium
angel lily Ismene calathina and others
arum lily Arisaema, Zantedeschia aethiopica, and others
asphodel lily Asphodeline lutea, also Hemerocallis
atamasco lily Zephyranthes atamasco
August lily Amaryllis belladonna, also Hosta
Australian giant lily Doryanthes palmeri
Australian lily Blandfordia, Eustrephus
Australian spear lily Doryanthes palmeri
Australian sword lily Anigozanthos manglesii
avalanche lily Erythronium grandiflorum, montanum, and others
Aztec lily Sprekelia formossissima
Barbados lily Amaryllis belladonna
basket lily Hymenocallis calathina
bead lily Clintonia
belladonna lily Amaryllis belladonna
Bengal lily Crinum zeylanicum
Bethlehem lily Eucharis grandiflora
blackberry lily Belamcanda chinensis
black lily Fritillaria camschatcensis
blood lily Haemanthus coccineus
blue lily Ixiolirion pallasi
blue lily of the Nile Agapanthus umbellatus
blue tinsel lily Calectasia cyanea
Brisbane lily Eurycles
Brodie’s lily Brevoortia
Buddhist lily Nelumbium
bugle lily Watsonia
bunch lily Melanthera and others
butterfly lily Hedychium coronarium and others
cabbage tree lily Cordyline australis
Caffir lily Clivia miniata
calla lily Zantedeschia aethiopica and others
camas lily Camassia
canna lily Canna
Cape belladonna lily Brunsvigia
Cape coast lily Crinum
Cape lily Crinum longiflorum and others, also Agapanthus
Caribbean lily Hymenocallis or Ismene
celestial lily Iris kaempferi
chamise lily Erythronium grandiflorum
Chatham Island lily Myosotidium nobile
checkered lily Fritillaria meleagris
chicken gizzard lily Crinum
Chilean lily Alstroemeria chilensis and others
Chinese sacred lily Narcissus tazetta cultivar
chocolate lily Fritillaria-biflora and others, Dichopogon
climbing lily Gloriosa
club lily Kniphofia
cluster lily Hookera
coffee lily Schizostylis coccinina
Corfu lily Hosta subplantaginea
corn lily Gladiolus, Ixia, and others
cowboy lily Oenothera
cow lily Nuphar advena
crinum lily Crinum
crown imperial lily Fritillaria imperialis
curly lily Erythronium giganteum
custard lily Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
daffodil lily Amaryllis
darling lily Crinum
daylily Hemerocallis
delicate lily Clidanthus fragrans
desert lily Hesperocallis undulata
Egyptian lily Zantedeschia aethiopica
eucharis lily Eucharis grandiflora
evening lily Callirhoe
fairy lily Zephyranthes
fawn lily Erythronium including albidum, montanum, etc.
fireball lily Haemanthus
flax lily Dianella
fleur-de-lis Iris, especially pseudacorus
football lily Haemanthus
foxtail lily Eremurus
fringe lily Thysanotus
frost lily Cooperia
garland lily Calostemma
ginger lily Hedychium
glacier lily Erythronium, including parviflorum
glory lily Gloriosa rothschildiana
golden lily Lycoris aurea
grass lily Hesperolirion, Sisyrinchium, and Caesia
ground lily Trillium, Zephyranthes
Guernsey lily Nerine sarniensis
gumbo lily Oenothera or Pachylophus
heartleaf lily Cardiocrinum
hidden lily Curcuma
Homer’s lily Allium nigrum
honeysuckle lily Hedychium
hurricane lily Lycoris, Rhodophiala
ifafa lily Cyrtanthus
Inca lily Alstroemeria pelegrina
Indian lily Camassia
ismene lily Ismene calathina
ixia lily Ixia
Jacobean lily Sprekelia formosissima
Japanese spider lily Nerine
Japanese toad lily Tricyrtis sp
Jersey lily Vallota speciosa
Jerusalem lily Crocosmia
Josephine’s lily Brunsvigia josephinae
joss lily Narcissus tazetta selection
Kaffir lily Schizostylis coccinea
kings crown lily Fritillaria imperialis
lemon lily Hemerocallis lilioasphodelus
Lent lily Narcissus pseudonarcissus
leopard lily Lachenalia
lily leek Allium moly
lily of a day Tradescantia
lily of Peru Alstroemeria, Mirabilis jalapa
lily of the desert Hesperocallis
lily of the field Sternbergia
lily of the Incas Alstroemeria, possibly pelegrina
lily of the Nile Agapanthus africanus, etc.
lily of the valley Convallaria majalis
lilythorn Catesbaea
lilytree Crinodendron hookerianum
lily turf Lirope, Ophiopogon (mondo grass)
Loddon lily Leucojum
lotus lily Nelumbo
Mabel Island lily Arthropodium
magic lily Lycoris squamigera
magnolia lily Nuttallia
Malabar glory lily Gloriosa superba
mariposa lily Calochortus
matthiole lily Pancratium maritimum
meadow lily many, including Lilium canadense
Mediterranean lily Pancratium maritimum
Mexican daylily Tigridia
Mexican lily, Mexican scarlet lily Sprekelia formossiam
milk and wine lily Crinum, several
miracle lily Lycoris squamigera
Moreton Bay lily Eurycles
mound lily Yucca
mountain lily Ranunculus lyalli
Mozambique lily Gloriosa
Murray lily Crinum
mystery lily Lycoris
naked lily, naked lady lily Lycoris squamigera, Amaryllis belladonna
Natal lily Clivia
nodding blue lily Stypandra glauca
New Zealand flax lily Phormium tenax
onion lily Ornithogalum caudatum
orange lily Hemerocallis, especially fulva
Orinoco lily Crinum moorei
oxblood lily Rhodophiala, Haemanthus, Habranthus advenum
palm lily Yucca
paradise lily Paradisea liliastrum
parrot lily Alstroemeria pulchella
parrot lily (South Africa) Gladiolus psittacinus (dalenii)
Persian lily Fritillaria persica
Peruvian lily Alstroemeria
Peruvian swamp lily Zephyranthes
pineapple lily Eucomis undulata, Curcuma
pink lily Aphyllanthes
pitcher lily Darlingtonia
plantain lily Hosta
polyanthus lily Narcissus tazetta cultivars, Polianthes tuberosa
pond lily Nymphaea
prairie lily Cooperia, also Mentzelia
purple dragon lily Drancunculus
purple lily tree Magnolia
Queensland spear lily Doryanthes
queens lily Amaryllis, Curcuma petiolata
rain lily Zephyranthes, Cooperia
red mint lily Monarda didyma
resurrection lily Lycoris, Kaempferia rotunda
rocket lily (New Zealand) Arthropodium cirrhatum
rock lily Dendrobium speciosum, Mentzelia
royal Brunswick lily Brunsvigia
rush lily Sowerbaea
sacred Aztec lily Tigridia
sacred lily (China) Narcissus tazetta selection
sacred lily (India) Amorphophallus
sacred tiger lily Tigridia
Saint Bernard lily Anthericum liliago
Saint Bruno lily Anthericum liliastrum
Saint James lily Sprekelia formosissima
Saint John’s lily Clivia, Gladiolus communis
Saint Joseph’s lily Hippeastrum x johnsonii
Saint Michael’s lily Hemerocallis
sand lily Leucocrinum montanum, Hypoxis hirsuta
sasparilla lily Kreysigia multiflora
Scarborough lily Valotta purpurea
scrambling lily Geitonoplesium cymosum
schoolhouse lily Lycoris radiata, Rhodphiala bifida
sego lily Calochortus nuttalli
shepherd’s lily Ranunculus lyallii
snake lily Brodia volubilis
soap lily Yucca
Solomon’s lily Arum palastinum
spear lily Doryanthes, Gladiolus
spider lily Pancratium maritimum, Hymenocallis calathina
spire lily Galtonia candicans
spring lily Erythronium albidum and others
star lily Hypoxis, Leucocrinus, Milla biflora
swamp lily Nymphaea alba, Crinum americanum, Ottelia ovalifolia
sword lily Gladiolus
tawny lily Hemerocallis fulva
thong lily Clivia, Imantophyllum
tiger lily anything orange and/or spotted
toad cup lily Marica
toad lily Tricyrtis, Fritillaria meleagris
torch lily Kniphofia, Doryanthes excelsa
tree lily, or lily tree Magnolia denudata
trinity lily Trillium
triplet lily Brodiaea (Tritelia) laxa
trout lily Erythronium
trumpet lily Zantedeschia (calla lily)
tufted blue lily Stypandra caespitosa
two leaf lily Maianthemum bifolium
tanilla lily Arthropodium or Dichopogon
toodoo lily Arum cornutum
wand lily Eremurus
water lily Nyphaea
white bead lily Clintonia
white globe lily Calochortus albus
white mountain lily Erythronium montanum
white star lily Milla biflora
Whitsun lily Narcissus poeticus
wood lily Trillium
yellow bead lily Clintonia umbellata
yucca lily Yucca
zephyr lily Zephyranthes

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