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Avoiding Counterfeits: True English Bluebells

Although Spanish bluebells are great, if it’s English bluebells you’re looking for – the iconic wildflower of British woodlands – you’ll need to know how to tell them apart, because counterfeits are ubiquitous and true stock is very hard to find.

Here’s an excellent photo of true English bluebells from the May 2015 issue of The English Garden magazine. Note the narrow, dangling florets and how the stem arches at the top. As British head gardener Quentin Stark explains, English bluebells are “a wonderful rich blue. The flowers are tubular and grow on just one side of the stem, and they have an amazing scent. Spanish bluebells are taller, with paler blue, more open flowers, have no scent, and the flowers grow all the way around the stem, making the plant more upright.”

You can be sure our true English bluebells are the real deal. They come to us from a small nursery in Wales where they’re native, and you can order yours now for fall planting!

English Bluebells