A Librarian’s Gift of Glads

Glads In Library

Like most gardeners, our good customer Robin Leach loves sharing the joys of her garden — but Robin does it in a really big way. In July 2010 she emailed us a few photos saying, “I thought you’d like to see how beautiful your glads look at my library. You can see why our patrons LOVE them!”

We did, and we hope you enjoy her story.

“My husband and I planted over 250 gladiolus bulbs this past spring – all yours. We had the previous year’s bulbs that we’d dug and stored as well as new ones we’d ordered. I absolutely love the variety and quality of your bulbs. I get colors and combinations I can’t find anywhere else. They’re a little more expensive than those at local nurseries, but they’re worth it.

“I’ve been bringing flowers to our library for almost ten years now, but this is only the second year I’ve done glads. Our library is one of the largest in the [St. Charles City-County Library District outside St. Louis], so I usually have three to five big arrangements a week on display.

“We live about 30 miles from there, so my husband built a wooden carrier that stretches across the back seat of my car to hold my arranged vases. I enjoy doing it and love finding just the right vase to put them in. My husband knows how much I love arranging them and bringing them to work, so he doesn’t complain.

Glads In Library

“I have patrons who ask who brings the flowers in and then come find me to tell me how beautiful they are. One woman said she stops in every week in the summer just to see the “beautiful flowers.” Some people think they’re silk and are amazed when they find out they’re real.

“I display a card with your company’s name and web address next to the main arrangements, because so many people have asked where I got them. Next year, I plan to add a flyer telling how to plant and grow them.

“I have ordered more glads for this spring from Old House. My husband will be tilling up a larger area for them. I can’t wait! It’s a joy to grow, arrange, and share your gladiolus.”