Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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BIBI, 1954        Rarest & Web-Only
Exotically patterned in a style that dates back to Victorian days, this small-flowered, vibrant pink glad is randomly flecked with rose, recalling batiked sarongs, the psychedelic 1960s, and – to quote the imaginative young son of one of our customers – “pink cheetahs.” 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-17 3/$10.50 5/$16.50 10/$31 25/$71 50/$131 SOLD OUT
CONTENTMENT, 1957        Rarest & Web-Only
With misty, shimmering, soft lavender-pink petals, ‘Contentment’ is hauntingly beautiful. Lightly ruffled and strong-growing, it was once the world’s leading lavender glad, but today it’s all but lost. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-22 3/$11.50 5/$18.50 10/$34 25/$77.50 50/$144 SOLD OUT
DAUNTLESS, 1940        Rarest & Web-Only
You’ll never mistake ‘Dauntless’ for a modern supermarket glad. We call it the Lauren Bacall of glads because its smooth, stylish, angular blooms recall an era of wide lapels and big, sexy hats. Pink with a dramatic splash of ruby in the throat, it’s also one of the oldest surviving traditional glads. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-12 3/$8.50 5/$13.50 10/$25.50 25/$57.50 50/$106 SOLD OUT
GREEN LACE, 1961        Rarest & Web-Only
No matter how hard we try, we can never seem to capture the soft, juicy spring green of this small-flowered glad in a photo – so you’re just going to have to grow it yourself to see how wonderful it is. Daintily ruffled and cute as a button, it always draws ooos and ahhs in the garden and makes every bouquet more interesting. Unfortunately due to a severe drought at our glad growers’ farm last summer, our supply this year is limited. 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-47 3/$12 5/$19 10/$35.50 25/$81 50/$150 SOLD OUT
KAKAGA, 1962        Rarest & Web-Only
Yoda’s favorite glad? With its flaring side petals, this exotic little glad may at least remind you of that big-eared Jedi master. A bit larger than ‘Atom’, it’s a brilliant paprika-orange splashed with gold and absolutely dazzling. As for its name, if you know what it means, we’d love to hear from you. Small-flowered, 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-56 1/$7 3/$19 5/$30 10/$56 25/$126 SOLD OUT
LILAC & CHARTREUSE, 1960        Rarest & Web-Only
From the decade that brought us paisley shirts, black-light posters, and Sergeant Pepper comes this weirdly wonderful glad of ruffled, lavender florets splashed with pale chartreuse. And you don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy it! 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-46 3/$12.50 5/$20 10/$37 25/$84.50 50/$156 SOLD OUT
LUCKY STAR, 1966        Rarest & Web-Only
Fragrance in glads is as rare as hen’s teeth. Although a few wild ones have it, breeding it into modern glads has proved difficult. In fact, ‘Lucky Star’ was the only fragrant seedling to come from many years of crosses made by New Zealander Joan Wright using garden glads and the even more fragrant Abyssinian glad. Its bold, angular good looks are a bonus, and night-flying hawk moths love it. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-43 3/$12.50 5/$20 10/$37 25/$84.50 SOLD OUT
SPRING MAID, 1961        Rarest & Web-Only
As dewy fresh as spring itself, and very early blooming, this small-to-medium flowered, lightly ruffled glad is a soft, almost silvery yellow. Combine it with pink roses, blue salvia, and a hosta leaf or two for a cool, refreshing summer bouquet. 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-20 3/$9.50 5/$15 10/$28 25/$64 50/$119 SOLD OUT
STARFACE, 1960        Rarest & Web-Only
This just might be the most beautiful glad we’ve ever grown. Charmingly small-flowered, it has upper petals of dappled apricot and lower petals of pale yellow spiked with ruby. Victorian gardeners loved patterned glads like this, and we say it’s high time for a revival! 3 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-35 3/$11.50 5/$18.50 10/$34 25/$77.50 50/$144 SOLD OUT
SUNSET SKY, 1965        Rarest & Web-Only
One of the smallest-flowered glads we grow, this ruffled beauty is a soft lemon yellow, deeper in the center and paling to almost white towards the edges which are richly suffused with glowing orange. Early blooming, strong growing, small-flowered, 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-63 3/$12.50 5/$20 10/$37 25/$84.50 50/$156 SOLD OUT
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