Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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BLUEBIRD, 1968        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! As small as ‘Atom’ and surprisingly close to blue, this cheery little glad always reminds us of a nest full of hungry baby birds. Winner of the gladiolus world’s highest honor, the All-America award, it blooms with vigor all across the country. Very limited supply, Small-flowered, 3 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-49 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 SOLD OUT
CARIBBEAN, 1957        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! If you look with your imagination, it’s easy to see the blue skies and sandy beaches of the Caribbean in this well-named little glad. It’s not really blue, of course, but a lovely soft lavender highlighted with thumbprints of purple. Small-flowered, 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-57 1/$7 3/$19 SOLD OUT
CAROLINA PRIMROSE, 1908        Web-Only
This small, graceful glad stunned us by surviving 22° below zero one winter here. Reliably perennial in zones 6a-9b(11aWC) – and in much of zone 5, our customers tell us – it multiplies year after year without care, and grows true from seed. Collected at an old homesite in NC, it’s an early form of the “Maid of the Mist” glad (G. primulinus, now lumped into G. dalenii, first offered in the US by Thorburn in 1908), a kissing cousin of the equally wonderful ‘Boone’.
3 feet, from Michigan. Chart and care.
SGL-08 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 5/$32.50 SOLD OUT
CHARISMA, 1969        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Looking like a summer party dress or a tropical fruit smoothie, this luscious, ruffled glad combines soft apricot-pink with pale lemon and gold. Pick a few, settle into your chaise longue after a productive afternoon in the garden, and enjoy! 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-51 1/$7 3/$19 SOLD OUT
CHIPPER, 1965        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! If this little glad were any bigger, its brilliant splashes of deep rose on white might be too much. But it’s one of the smallest-flowered glads we grow, and we never seem to get tired of its cheery brightness. Try it yourself and see what we mean! 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-58 1/$6.50 SOLD OUT
CONTENTMENT, 1957        Rarest & Web-Only
With misty, shimmering, soft lavender-pink petals, ‘Contentment’ is hauntingly beautiful. Lightly ruffled and strong-growing, it was once the world’s leading lavender glad, but today it’s all but lost. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-22 1/$7 3/$19 SOLD OUT
G. nanus ELVIRA, 1956        Web-Only
Small-flowered and informal, ‘Elvira’ is a perky soft pink with its lower petals splashed with ruby. It’s one of the Nanus group of petite, early-blooming, hardier-than-most glads, and perfect for summer’s simple, no-fuss bouquets. 2-3 feet, from Holland. Chart and care.
SGL-24 5/$6 10/$11.50 SOLD OUT
FIDELIO, 1959        Web-Only
A very rosy, joyful purple, ‘Fidelio’ is named for Beethoven’s only opera, a hymn to loyalty, love, and freedom. Try a few combined with silvery Russian sage or tall artemisia – stunning!
4 feet, from Holland. Chart and care.
SGL-11 5/$4.95 SOLD OUT
KAKAGA, 1962        Rarest & Web-Only
Yoda’s favorite glad? With its flaring side petals, this exotic little glad may at least remind you of that big-eared Jedi master. A bit larger than ‘Atom’, it’s a brilliant paprika-orange splashed with gold and absolutely dazzling. As for its name, if you know what it means, we’d love to hear from you. Small-flowered, 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-56 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 SOLD OUT
LILAC & CHARTREUSE, 1960        Rarest & Web-Only
From the decade that brought us paisley shirts, black-light posters, and Sergeant Pepper comes this weirdly wonderful glad of ruffled, lavender florets splashed with pale chartreuse. And you don’t have to be a hippie to enjoy it! 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-46 1/$6.50 3/$18 SOLD OUT
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