Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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BONNE ESPERANCE, 1948        Web-Only
Here’s a sweet little classic for pots or the front of a sunny border. Just 12-24 inches tall, ‘Good Hope’ is loaded all summer with 2-3 inch, rosy pink flowers, each a single row of petals around a cheerful yellow button-eye. Nothing could be simpler, or prettier – and the bees will thank you for it, too! From Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-16 1/$7 3/$19 5/$30 10/$56 25/$126 SOLD OUT
LUTT WICHEN, 1941        Rarest & Web-Only
This unusual dwarf could almost be called a ground-cover dahlia. Barely 2 feet tall, it spreads out to make a dense, self-supporting plant 3 feet wide or more – which makes it great for pots, too. Abundant gardenia-like flowers glow against deep green foliage. Its name – often misspelled Leutwitchen – seems to honor Germany’s Little Wichen mountain, but if you can tell us more, please do! Waterlily, 3”, 2-3’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-71 1/$10 3/$27.50 5/$43 10/$80 25/$180 SOLD OUT
MRS. I. DE VER WARNER, 1920        Rarest & Web-Only
Preserved by a Kentucky farm family since the 1930s, this remarkable dahlia is hardy enough to survive most winters in the ground in mid-zone 6 and then bloom weeks before any other. A tall, lavender rose beauty, it came to us from 80-something Joyce Dowell who inherited it decades ago from her dahlia-loving grandmother, Fannie Williams. You can read their whole wonderful story here. Then plant this rare relic and when it blooms, remember Joyce and Fannie. 5-6”, 5-6’, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-52 1/$10.50 3/$28.50 5/$45 SOLD OUT
NEPOS, 1958        Rarest & Web-Only
It may not be flashy or ancient, but this sublimely simple waterlily dahlia is one of the most beautiful flowers we’ve ever grown – yes, ever. Bred by the Lombaert brothers of Belgium, it’s a baby-fresh masterpiece of pink, white, and lavender, on a plant that’s not too tall, with wiry stems that practically beg you to cut them for bouquets. 4-6”, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-70 1/$10 3/$27.50 5/$43 10/$80 25/$180 SOLD OUT
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