LUCKY STAR, 1966        Rarest & Web-Only
Fragrance in glads is as rare as hen’s teeth. Although a few wild ones have it, breeding it into modern glads has proved difficult. In fact, ‘Lucky Star’ was the only fragrant seedling to come from many years of crosses made by New Zealander Joan Wright using garden glads and the even more fragrant Abyssinian glad. Its bold, angular good looks are a bonus, and night-flying hawk moths love it. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart, care, and learn more.
SGL-43 3/$16 5/$25.50 SOLD OUT
SNOW PRINCESS, 1939        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Now that ‘White Friendship’ and ‘White Goddess’ have gone commercially extinct, we’re happier than ever to have this snowy-white Depression-era beauty with its intriguing pink anthers. One of the oldest traditional glads we’ve ever offered, it was a florists’ favorite for decades and long praised as “sturdy,” “stately,” and “exquisite.” 4½ feet tall, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-59 3/$16.50 SOLD OUT
SPRING MAID, 1961        Rarest & Web-Only
As dewy fresh as spring itself, and very early blooming, this small-to-medium flowered, lightly ruffled glad is a soft, almost silvery yellow. Combine it with pink roses, blue salvia, and a hosta leaf or two for a cool, refreshing summer bouquet. 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-20 3/$15 5/$24 SOLD OUT
SUNBONNET SUE, 1967        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! Named for the traditional quilt pattern of little girls in over-sized bonnets, this pastel glad is a warm apricot-buff with a sprinkling of freckles in its golden throat. Customers at our local Farmers Market loved it as a cutflower, and it’s even better when you grow your own! Small-flowered, 3-4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-48 1/$7 3/$19 SOLD OUT
SUNSET SKY, 1965        Rarest & Web-Only
One of the smallest-flowered glads we grow, this ruffled beauty is a soft lemon yellow, deeper in the center and paling to almost white towards the edges which are richly suffused with glowing orange. Early blooming, strong growing, small-flowered, 3 feet tall, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-63 1/$6.50 3/$18 SOLD OUT
VIOLET QUEEN, 1959        Rarest & Web-Only
It’s back! A rich, full-bodied purple, this vintage glad adds a deep note of counterpoint to gardens and bouquets. White strokes on the lower petals – pollen guides for bees – make it all the more elegant. 4 feet, from Maine. Chart and care.
SGL-21 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 SOLD OUT
WIG’S SENSATION, 1965        Web-Only
To tell the truth, we didn’t think we’d like this big red glad with the clunky name. But a farmer friend gave us a big bouquet of it and (a) it was so beautiful we found ourselves staring at it whenever we walked by and (b) it lasted and lasted in the vase, longer than any other glad we've ever grown. So here it is – enjoy! 4 feet, from Holland. Chart and care.
SGL-66 5/$5.50 10/$10.50 25/$23.50 SOLD OUT
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