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G.F. HEMERIK, 1936        Rarest & It’s Back!
The bee-friendly, button-eyed flowers of this sweet little dwarf are a gentle shade of orange with undertones of copper and rose. It’s just the right size for containers and small gardens, or try it at the front of your vegetables. Blooming non-stop, it looks especially good combined with purple flowers or bronze foliage. Single, 2-3”, 1-2’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-07 1/$7.50 SOLD OUT
GLORIE VAN HEEMSTEDE, 1947        Rarest
There’s a Zen-like simplicity to waterlily dahlias. With fewer petals than most, they have a peaceful, uncluttered look, proving once again that less can be more. Winner of the Stredwick Medal, one of the dahlia world’s highest awards, ‘Glorie’ is a buttery yellow of classic form, early blooming, and loaded with flowers. Strong stems make it great for bouquets. 4-5”, 4-5’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-23 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 5/$32.50 SOLD OUT
GOLDEN HEART, 1955        Rarest
This sunburst of beauty is a warm red-orange brightened by what seem to be rays of golden light streaming from its center. It’s dazzling anytime but we like it best as it carries the torch of summer deep into the cool, waning days of fall. Aka ‘Mary Poppins’, semi-cactus, 6-10”, 4-5’, from New Hampshire. Chart and care.
SD-74 1/$9.50 3/$26 SOLD OUT
GOLDEN SCEPTER, 1926        New
Superb as a cutflower, and still popular in the UK, this glowing little dahlia is a soft yellow touched with butterscotch and deepening to ruddy gold in the center. Its centennial year is on the horizon, and with your help it will make it there! Pompon/formal dec, 2-3½”, 2½-4’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-88 1/$7 3/$19 SOLD OUT
JANE COWL, 1928        Rarest
More than any other lost dahlia, people kept asking us for ‘Jane Cowl’ – and when we finally tracked it down, we understood why. It’s a big, gorgeous dahlia, with undulating petals of buff, bronze, and gold, like the tresses of a goddess – or actress Jane Cowl (1883-1950), who was once “the most beautiful woman on the American stage.” It’s expensive, yes, but worth every penny! 6-10”, 5-6’, from New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-27 1/$18.50 SOLD OUT
JUANITA, 1949        
‘Juanita’s big, jewel-toned flowers are a whirl of narrow, curving petals of deep, vibrant burgundy and ruby. Bred in South Africa and named for a flamenco dancer, it’s been one of the most popular dahlias on six continents for decades. 6”, 4-5’, heat-tolerant, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-24 1/$9.50 SOLD OUT
LAVENDER CHIFFON, 1957        Rarest
Cool, man, cool! From the year that brought us Old Yeller, “Wake Up Little Susie,” and the coolest Chevy ever comes this enduring New Zealand classic. With its rippling, snow-white petals blushed with rosy lavender, it may remind you of sea anemones on a coral reef – or senior prom? 4-6”, 4-6’, semi-cactus, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-69 1/$9.50 SOLD OUT
LITTLE BEESWING, 1909        
In 1997 when we asked in the ADS Bulletin if anyone grew this relic, we heard from just one person, David Murphy. He eventually sent his entire stock to us with a note: “In recognition of your efforts to preserve old dahlias. Their survival now rests in your hands.” Will you help? Lively and cute, ‘Little Beeswing’ produces an abundance of yellow pompons tipped flame-red. It’s a fine keeper, too, so you’ll soon have extras to pass along, as David did. Aka ‘Little Beeswings’, 1-2”, 3-4’, heat-tolerant, from New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-31 1/$9.50 SOLD OUT
LITTLE ROBERT, 1964        Rarest
With wiry stems and flowers not much bigger than a pompon dahlia’s, this bright little formal decorative seems custom-made for bouquets, but it’s a joy in the garden, too. Its white petals are brush-stroked at the tips with deep vivid rose, giving it an almost neon-like glow. Formal dec, 2-3”, 2½-4’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-84 1/$4.90 3/$13.30 5/$21 10/$39.20 25/$88.20 SOLD OUT
MUSETTE, 1954        New
Just two feet tall, this happy little harlequin will bring a pop of color to the front of your garden or a favorite container. Its non-stop, cherry-red flowers are tipped with white (sometimes more so, sometimes less) and it’s named for a spirited, jazz-inflected dance style that was wildly popular in France in the 1950s. Formal decorative, 2-3”, 1½-2½’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-89 1/$6 3/$16.50 5/$25.88 10/$48 25/$108 SOLD OUT
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