WINSOME, 1940        
Winsome? No way! This stunner is as vividly colored as the most brilliant tropical fish. Its palm-sized, waterlily-like flowers are a deep, vibrant rose blending into a center of rich yellow, almost orange, as if the sun itself were throbbing deep inside. It redefines “antique beauty” and will leave you breathless! It’s been a customer favorite, ever since we reintroduced it from the UK National Collection, but unfortunately this year’s supply is very limited — so don’t delay! 4-5”, 4-5’, from New Hampshire. Last offered in 2014. We’re building up stock and hope to offer it again. If you’d like to be notified the next time we offer this treasure, sign up for an email alert.
YELLOW GEM, 1914        
Exquisite in its symmetry, this perfect little pompon dahlia seems to have been shaped by a jeweler from Middle Earth. Or maybe it will remind you of your childhood backyard twinkling with lightning bugs. Either way, it’s one of our oldest and rarest dahlias, excellent in bouquets, and a true delight. 1-2” pompons, 3’ tall, from Oregon. Last offered in 2013, and we’re not planning to offer it again. Sorry!
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