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NONETTE, 1958        
In his celebrated poem “Pied Beauty,” Gerard Manley Hopkins praises all things dappled, stippled, brindled, and freckled – so you know he would have loved ‘Nonette’. Set against dark green leaves, its apricot petals are intricately speckled and streaked with burgundy for a look that’s as natural as a finch’s egg yet totally sumptuous. Wow! Waterlily, 4-6” 4-5’, from Holland. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-64 1/$6 3/$16.40 SOLD OUT
PREFERENCE, 1955        Rarest
The blooms of this peachy-pink, semi-cactus dahlia are just the right size for bouquets, and its intriguingly dark stems add to its appeal both as a cut-flower and in the garden. It’s also a personal favorite of our new owner Vanessa, who urges you to give it a try! Semi-cactus, 3-5”, 4’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-79 1/$4.80 3/$13.20 5/$20.70 10/$38.40 25/$86.40 SOLD OUT
PRINCE NOIR, 1954        Rarest
Tall, dark, and handsome, this ‘Black Prince’ offers up armful after armful of ruffled, semi-cactus blooms of deep, dark burgundy that are just the right size for bouquets. (Try it with ‘Andries Orange’, if you dare.) We grow lots of great dahlias here, but this one seems to be on everybody’s list of favorites. Reintroduced by us in 2004 from the UK National Collection. 4-5”, 5-6’, heat-tolerant, now grown for us in New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-37 1/$9.50 3/$26 5/$41 SOLD OUT
REQUIEM, 1952        Rarest & New
Anything but somber, this rosy purple dahlia blooms today in the famous Purple Border at Sissinghurst, England’s best-loved garden. Its 4-5 inch blooms have a loose, informal look – much like a waterlily dahlia – and its strong, dark stems make it great for bouquets. Formal decorative, 4-5”, 3½-4½’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-90 1/$8 3/$22 5/$34.50 SOLD OUT
ROSEMARY WEBB, 1956        Rarest
The peony-like flowers of this blissful dahlia open pale, primrose yellow and then mature to apple-blossom pink, giving you a bouquet of colors on every plant. They’re just the right size to pick for bouquets, too, and they bloom so abundantly you’ll never miss the ones you cut. Waterlily, 4-5”, just 3-4’ tall, from New Hampshire. Chart and care.
SD-75 1/$9.50 3/$26 5/$41 SOLD OUT
ROXY, 1964        
Although only about two feet tall, ‘Roxy’ is so vibrant and unusual that it won’t be overlooked. Its chocolate-tinted foliage provides the perfect contrast for its brilliant flowers, and its dark eye ringed by yellow stamens adds to its smoldering appeal. Bred in Hamburg during the boisterous Sixties, it’s making a big comeback today in England – where the RHS has dubbed it “Perfect for Pollinators.” 2-4”, 1½-2½’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-86 1/$8 3/$22 SOLD OUT
STOLZ VON BERLIN, 1884        
Charmingly antique, ‘Pride of Berlin’ has plump, lavender-pink flowers that nod ever so slightly, like a demure Victorian fraulein. When it was introduced in 1884, Germany was a hotbed for exciting new dahlias, and since 1897 it’s been lovingly preserved by the venerable Deutsche Dahlien, Fuchsien, und Gladiolen Gesellschaft. Ball, 2-2½”, 3-4’, grown for us exclusively in Holland. Chart and care.
SD-19 1/$7 3/$19 5/$30 SOLD OUT
THOMAS EDISON, 1929        
This velvety classic is still the truest deep purple of all dahlias, a color that photos can’t quite capture but that modern breeders envy. It was “named for the famous Electrical Wizard with his approval,” according to the L.L. Old’s catalog of 1939. Grow it and we think you’ll agree – it’s electrifying! Formal decorative, 6-8”, 3-4’, heat-tolerant, from Holland. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-05 1/$5.20 3/$14.40 SOLD OUT
TSUKI YORI NO SHISHA, 1953        
The deeply fringed petals of this big, spectacular dahlia give it an otherworldly air, which is fitting since its name means “Messenger from the Moon” (the title of an enormously popular Japanese novel). When we look at it, though, we see Fourth of July sparklers and big shaggy dogs. What will you – or your kids or grandkids – see? Free-blooming, laciniated, 5-8”, 3-4’, from Holland. Chart and care.
SD-62 1/$7 3/$19 5/$30 SOLD OUT
WHITE ASTER, 1879        Rarest
This is the world’s oldest surviving garden dahlia. (Do you need to know more?) With fresh green foliage and hundreds of small, ivory globes – each touched in the center with a bit of honey, or sunshine? – it has all the pristine, elemental beauty of a newborn baby. Preserved by a German nursery that has specialized in dahlias for close to a century, it’s a timeless classic. 1-2”, 3-5’, from New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-10 1/$8.50 3/$23.50 5/$36.50 SOLD OUT
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