Here you’ll find our VERY rarest bulbs along with late finds and others we simply couldn’t squeeze into our print catalog.

Those marked “Web-Only & Rarest” are sometimes in such short supply that they sell out within days — and some years we can’t offer them at all — so if you see one you like, we recommend you order it now!

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ANDRIES’ ORANGE, 1936        Rarest & Web-Only
Simple yet extraordinary, this charming dahlia became an instant staff favorite when it first bloomed here – and bloomed and bloomed and bloomed. A clear, companionable orange with 3-4 inch, semi-cactus flowers on wiry stems, it’s a flower arranger’s delight. Its full Flemish name, ‘Andries Oranje As’, honors a Jazz Age liqueur from the small Belgian town of As. 3-5’, reintroduced from the UK National Collection and grown for us now in New Hampshire. Chart and care.
SD-44 1/$10 3/$27.50 SOLD OUT
BONNE ESPERANCE, 1948        Web-Only
Here’s a sweet little classic for pots or the front of a sunny border. Just 12-24 inches tall, ‘Good Hope’ is loaded all summer with 2-3 inch, rosy pink flowers, each a single row of petals around a cheerful yellow button-eye. Nothing could be simpler, or prettier – and the bees will thank you for it, too! From Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-16 1/$7 3/$19 5/$30 SOLD OUT
CLAIR DE LUNE, 1946        Rarest & Web-Only
As elegant and wildflowery as the great ‘Bishop of Llandaff’, this sublimely simple collarette dahlia is named for Debussy’s romantic ode to moonlight. With a single row of soft yellow outer petals, a frilly ruff of white inner petals, and an eye like a harvest moon, it’s strong-growing in the garden and blissful in bouquets. Fern-like green leaves, 3”, 3-4’, heat-tolerant, from New Hampshire. Chart and care.
SD-25 1/$7.50 3/$20.50 SOLD OUT
GYPSY GIRL, 1947        Rarest & Web-Only
The lavender-to-pink-to-white petals of this post-war beauty are decorated with a confetti of ruby speckles and flecks for a look that’s as festive as a birthday party. Bred by Albert Parrella, once known as the “Dahlia King of the Bronx,” formal decorative, 3-4”, 4-5’, grown for us at Sun Moon Farm in New Hampshire. Chart and care.
SD-83 1/$10 3/$27.50 5/$43 10/$80 25/$180 SOLD OUT
JERSEY’S BEAUTY, 1923        Rarest & Web-Only
Once the world’s most popular dahlia – the one even non-gardeners knew by name – this glorious, true pink, New Jersey native is still amazing. Tall and vigorous, it will give you more of its sublimely simple flowers in late summer and fall than you can find a vase for. We’re proud to have re-introduced it to American gardens, and we urge you to give it a chance to show you why it was once such a big deal. Learn more. 4-6”, 6-7’, formal decorative, from New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-03 1/$16.50 SOLD OUT
KAISER WILHELM, 1881        Web-Only
As seen full-page in Horticulture! This rare souvenir from a lost age is the most antique-looking of all of our dahlias. With neatly curled petals of custard yellow brushed with burgundy, and a green button-eye like an old-fashioned rose, it’s a true Victorian “fancy” dahlia – and one of a mere handful of dahlias that survive from the 10,000 grown in the 19th century. We’re proud to have returned it to American gardens, and we hope you’ll help us preserve it! Learn more. 3”, 4-5’, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-21 1/$10.50 SOLD OUT
KIDD’S CLIMAX, 1940        Web-Only
Big, beautiful ‘Kidd’s Climax’ is one of the 20th century’s Top 10 dahlias. It offers colossal blooms of an ineffable, sunrise blend of pink, lavender, and creamy yellow that looks so luscious we bet you’ll want to take a bite. Easy to grow, free-flowering, and sturdy, it’s still winning tons of blue ribbons today at dahlia shows and county fairs across the country. 8-10”, 3-4’, heat-tolerant, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-17 1/$12.50 SOLD OUT
MISS ROSE FLETCHER, 1948        Web-Only
This angelically soft pink sunburst would be perfect for a frothy Sweet-16 party, a summer wedding, a pastel cottage garden, or (best of all) a simple vase on your desk or kitchen counter from August till frost. Australian-bred, it was introduced to great acclaim shortly after WWII, a peaceful beauty for a new age. 4-6”, 4’, from Oregon. Chart and care.
SD-18 1/$8 3/$22 5/$34.50 SOLD OUT
MRS. I. DE VER WARNER, 1920        Rarest & Web-Only
Preserved by a Kentucky farm family since the 1930s, this remarkable dahlia is hardy enough to survive most winters in the ground in mid-zone 6 and then bloom weeks before any other. A tall, lavender rose beauty, it came to us from 80-something Joyce Dowell who inherited it decades ago from her dahlia-loving grandmother, Fannie Williams. You can read their whole wonderful story here. Then plant this rare relic and when it blooms, remember Joyce and Fannie. 5-6”, 5-6’, from Oregon. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-52 1/$10.50 3/$28.50 5/$45 10/$84 SOLD OUT
OLD GOLD, 1947        Rarest & Web-Only
Martha Stewart Living has featured this burnished beauty in the garden and stylish, hand-made vases of our good customer Frances Palmer. Brush-stroked with ruddy orange on amber, its flowers have a lively, almost flickering effect in the garden and improve any fall bouquet. 4-5”, 5-6’, from New Hampshire. Chart, care, and learn more.
SD-43 1/$9 3/$24.50 5/$39 SOLD OUT
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