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Name Date Color Notes Fragrant Ht. Zones Rarest, Etc.
Alcazar 19101910 lavender & rich purple 0magnificent & ground breaking 3 7738-40” 3a-8a(10aWC) Back
Blue Shimmer 19411941 white stippled with lavender 0“peppered” plicata 2lightly 6330-36” 3a-8a(10bWC) Rarest, New
Coronation 19271927 just-right yellow 0it blooms and blooms 3 6028-36” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Crimson King 18931893 rich claret 0deep, iridescent red-purple 2lightly 4522-24” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back
Edward of Windsor 19451945 pale, luminous peach 0by artist Cedric Morris 3 6934-36” 3a-8a(10bWC) Rarest, New
Frank Adams 19371937 parchment, bronze, & maroon 0warm & intriguing 2lightly 7636-44” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back, Web-Only
Loreley 19091909 amber & richly veined violet 0enchanting siren of the Rhine 3 4622-26” 3a-8a(10bWC)
Mrs. Horace Darwin 18881888 white with violet touches 0small and elegant 2lightly 4924-26” 3a-8a(10bWC)
pallida Dalmatica 15971597 pale lavender 0grape-scented 0richly 7336-38” 3a-8a(10bWC)
Pinnacle 19491949 sparkling white over primrose 0New Zealand’s greatest iris? 3 7436-40” 3a-8a(10bWC) New
Quaker Lady 19091909 smoky lavender & fawn 0an all-time American favorite 2lightly 55.527-30” 3a-8a(10bWC) Back, Web-Only
Quechee 19471947 chocolate-shaded maroon 0Vermont favorite 2lightly 6230-34” 3a-8a(10bWC) Rarest, New, Web-Only
Senlac 19291929 deep mulberry red 0named for a bloody battlefield 2lightly 7034-38” 3a-8a(10bWC) New
Swerti 16121612 lavender and white plicata 0from the Emperor’s garden 2lightly 6330-36” 3a-8a(10aWC) Back
Wabash 19361936 glowing white & purple 0vibrant Dykes Medalist 3 7838-42” 3a-8a(10bWC) Web-Only