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Usually grown as annuals, gladiolus may also be dug and stored over winter. They are reliably winter hardy in zones 8-11 and sometimes in much colder zones. Learn more at our Hardy Glads Page.

Name Date Type Color Notes Ht. Rarest, Etc.
Abyssinian glad 18881888 speciesspecies white with purple eye 0fragrant 7836-48”
Atom 19461946 primulinusprimulinus red & silver 0everyone’s favorite 6530-40”
Bibi 19541954 small-floweredsmall-flowered pink flecked with rose 0flecked & spattered 6530-40” Rarest
Bluebird 19681968 small-floweredsmall-flowered close to blue 0cheery as baby birds 7236” Rarest
Boone 19201920s? primulinusprimulinus soft apricot & gold 0zone-6 hardy 6530-40”
Caribbean 19571957 small-floweredsmall-flowered lavender & sand 0vacation at home 7236” Rarest
Carolina Primrose 19081908 primulinusprimulinus soft primrose yellow 0zone-6 hardy 6530-40”
Charisma 19691969 traditionaltraditional apricot-pink & lemon 0like a party dress 9648” Rarest
Chipper 19651965 small-floweredsmall-flowered bright rose on white 0sparkling 7236” Rarest
Contentment 19571957 traditionaltraditional misty lavender 0ineffably lovely 9648”
Dauntless 19401940 traditionaltraditional pink & ruby 0like Lauren Bacall 9648” Rarest
Elvira 19561956 NanusNanus soft pink & ruby 0early blooming 5424-36”
Fidelio 19591959 traditionaltraditional purplish rose 0vibrant color 9648”
Green Lace 19611961 small-floweredsmall-flowered juicy green 0ruffled pixie 7836-48” Rarest
Kakaga 19621962 small-floweredsmall-flowered paprika-orange 0Yoda’s favorite? 7836-48”
Lilac & Chartreuse 19601960 traditionaltraditional lilac & chartreuse 0weird & wonderful 7836-48”
Lucky Star 19661966 unique!unique! white & purple 0fragrant 9648” Rarest, Web-Only
Nova Lux 19651965 traditionaltraditional bright, soft yellow 0lights up the garden 9648”
Peter Pears 19581958 traditionaltraditional soft orange 0warm and summery 9648”
Priscilla 19771977 traditionaltraditional hot pink, white, & yellow 0young but awesome 1024-5’
Snow Princess 19391939 traditionaltraditional white with pink anthers 0our oldest traditional glad 9648” Rarest, Back, Web-Only
Spring Maid 19611961 traditionaltraditional soft, silvery yellow 0dewy fresh 7836-48” Rarest, Web-Only
Starface 19601960 small-floweredsmall-flowered apricot, butter, raspberry 0rapturously beautiful 7236” Rarest
Sunbonnet Sue 19671967 small-floweredsmall-flowered apricot-buff 0cute, cute, cute 7836-48” Rarest, Back, Web-Only
Sunset Sky 19651965 small-floweredsmall-flowered soft yellow & orange 0one of our smallest 6530-40” Rarest, Web-Only
Violet Queen 19591959 traditionaltraditional rich blue-purple 0deep & dark 9648” Rarest
Wig’s Sensation 19651965 traditionaltraditional deep, mesmerizing red 0EXTRA long-lasting 964’