Last 2 days! Save 20-30% now (and more tomorrow?)
in our Mini-Dutch Auction Sale!

We have very few bulbs left this spring. Thank you!
To help them all find good homes, EVERYTHING is now on sale at 20-30% off. Thursday morning we’ll mark them all down another 5% – and continue selling them until midnight or they’re all gone, whichever comes first.
As with any Dutch auction, the longer you wait, the more you can save. But if you wait too long you may miss out on all the fun. So . . . are you feeling lucky?
Good luck, thanks, and happy saving!

Save 30%!

Kelvin Floodlight, 1959 – it’s more than just big
Tsuki Yori no Shisha, 1953 – frizzy fireworks

Save 25%!

Guinea Gold, 1940 – golden martagon from zone-2 Manitoba
York and Lancaster, 1915? – mysterious history

Save 20%!

Cafe au Lait, 1967 – It’s not just for brides!
Dreamy Dahlias – as easy as tomatoes
Endless Bouquets – 3 favorite dahlias for bouquets
Mexican Single tuberose, 1530 – swooningly fragrant
Popular Guest, 1957 – mid-century vibe
Radiance, 1958 – vivid rose-pink and silver
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