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“Oops, I Guess It’s NOT Our Last Year” Sale

When I first ordered bulbs for this fall months ago, I thought this was going to be the last year for Old House Gardens (learn more here) – so I ordered more than usual. A LOT more.

Then my staff decided to keep OHG going – which is awesome! – but it also means that the deluge of “last chance” orders I’d expected never materialized. In other words, I ordered too many bulbs. WAY too many.

Can you help? To make it easier for you to bring these overstocked treasures into your garden, here’s our “Oops, I Guess It’s Not Our Last Year” sale.

Save 25%!

Firetail, 1910 – is its cup truly RED?
Glory of Lisse, 1901 – one of the finest poets
Ornatus, 1870 – earlier blooming pheasant's eye
Roman Pink, 1573 – wildflowery, pink, and wonderful

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Cantabile, 1932 – the poet that others are judged by
Couleur Cardinal, 1845 – red blushed with plum
Horn of Plenty, 1947 – long, dramatic bells
Madonna lily, 1600 BC – most historic lily of all
Old Times, 1905 – “garnet and primrose”
Roman Blue, 1562 – wildflowery, and it multiplies!
Van Sion, 1620 – vigorous multiplier, iconic double
Xit, 1948 – Game of Thones, anyone?

Save 15%!

April Queen, 1938 – bright, flame-kissed cup
Formosa lily, 1918 – best lily for the South
moschatus, 1604 – demurely nodding “Swan’s Neck”
Princeps, 1830 – graceful white and yellow wildling
Rip van Winkle, 1884 – spiked cutie
Roman White, 1597 – the rarest Roman of all
Roseus, 1924 – the world’s PINKEST crocus
The Tenby Daffodil, 1796 – sweet little teddy bear
Vuurvlam, 1897 – flame-shaped and radiant

Save 10%!

antique freesia, 1878 – super fragrant naturalizer
Bleu Aimable, 1916 – soft, silvery lilac
Campernelle, 1601 – true stock, Southern classic
Chestnut Flower, 1880 – dawn-pink double
Early Pearl, 1899 – early, fragrant, and luminous
Estella Rijnveld, 1954 – raspberry-ripple ice cream
Garden Party, 1944 – vivid rose and white
Golden Splendor, 1957 – where would Michael Pollan plant it?
Gravetye Giant snowflake, 1596 – clusters of white bells
Jeanne d’Arc, 1943 – multiple award winner
King of the Striped, 1880 – charmingly imperfect Victorian
Mary Copeland, 1913 – colorful, informal ‘Mary Copeland’, 1913
pheasant’s eye, 1600, 1831 – with a red-rimmed “eye”
Prinses Irene, 1949 – unusual colors and rich fragrance
Red Velvet, 1964 – “the perfect garden lily”
sternbergia, 1596 – crocus-like fall-bloomer
Twin Sisters, 1597 – aka Loving Couples, Cemetery Ladies
White Henryi, 1945 – Hall of Fame masterpiece
winter aconite, 1578 – earliest blooms
W.P. Milner, 1869 – spiraling petals of soft, silvery primrose

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