Spring Savings on Summer Beauties

Why wait any longer? Save 10-25% NOW on these extraordinary, spring-planted bulbs! (CAPITALS indicate bulbs that are new this year.)

atropurpurea, 1789 — wild original, dark and velvety
Glorie van Heemstede, 1947 — a buttery yellow flower
Golden Heart, 1955 — warm sunburst of beauty
Klankstad Kerkrade, 1954 — spiky poofs of primrose
Miss Rose Fletcher, 1948 — pastel cactus
Nonette, 1958 — freckled finch’s egg
Popular Guest, 1957 — mid-century vibe
Radiance, 1958 — vivid rose-pink and silver
Surprise, 1955 — colossal peach
Union Jack, 1882 — candy-striped Victorian
August Pioneer, 1939 — 8 weeks of bloom
Black Friar, 1951 — velvety, wine-dark petals
Caballero, 1941 — Zorro’s favorite
Evelyn Claar, 1949 — ground-breaking pink
Mikado, 1929 — graceful mango and mahogany
Dauntless, 1940 — Lauren Bacall in pink
Green Lace, 1961 — daintily ruffled and cute as a button
Lilac & Chartreuse, 1960 — unique coloring
Mexicana, 1967 — spring green and complex
Coronation, 1927 — “truly an iris classic”
Susan Bliss, 1922 — “appealing creamy pink tone”
Pearl double tuberose, 1870 — like tiny gardenias

Frugal Samplers

Get more for your money with these easy samplers of some of our favorite heirloom bulbs.

Intro to Heirlooms, Fall, — our most popular sampler!
Intro to Heirlooms, Spring, — for a frugal, awesome summer adventure!
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