Spring Savings on Summer Beauties

Why wait any longer? Save up to 25% NOW on these extraordinary, spring-planted bulbs! (CAPITALS indicate bulbs that are new this year.)

Glorious Glads – easy, long-lasting bouquets
coral lily, 1812 – pixie flames
George Davison crocosmia, 1902 – little golden stars
Guinea Gold, 1940 – golden martagon from zone-2 Manitoba
Henry’s lily, 1889 – graceful orange
David Howard, 1960 – dark leaves and non-stop bloom
Glorie van Heemstede, 1947 – Zen-like simplicity
Gypsy Girl, 1947 – lavender-pink with a confetti of rubies
Miss Rose Fletcher, 1948 – pastel cactus
Old Gold, 1947 – flickering like a bonfire
Caballero, 1941 – Zorro’s favorite
Challenger, 1949 – to five feet tall or more
Gold Dust, 1905 – from the dawn of daylily breeding
Mikado, 1929 – graceful mango and mahogany
Elvira, 1956 – petite and informal
Nova Lux, 1965 – bright, soft, just right yellow
Peter Pears, 1958 – soft orange with a strawberry splash
Starface, 1960 – rapturously beautiful
Wig’s Sensation, 1965 – extra long-lasting in bouquets

Frugal Samplers

Get more for your money with these easy samplers of some of our favorite heirloom bulbs.

Intro to Heirlooms, Fall – our most popular sampler!
Intro to Heirlooms, Spring – for a frugal, awesome summer adventure!
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