Though preservation is our mission, bulbs drop out of our catalog every year.

Sometimes it’s because the harvest was too small. Sometimes it’s because they’re widely available elsewhere and don’t need our help. And sometimes it’s because we’ve lost our only known source due to severe weather (cold, drought, etc.), health problems (a debilitating stroke), or economic woes (small farmers are always at risk).

The good news is that, in time, we’re often able to return these bulbs to our catalog. So here’s a list of many we’ve offered in the past. For an alert the moment they’re available again, subscribe to our free email newsletter. Or to find a similar bulb, try our easy Advanced Bulb Search.


Jonquils and Southern gardens go together like biscuits and gravy. We’ll send you 4 of the best, all easy, fragrant, and cherished – 3 N. jonquilla ‘Early Louisiana’, 3 true ‘Campernelle’, 3 ‘Sweetness’, and 3 ‘Trevithian’. 12 bulbs total, for zones 6b-8b(10bWC).

For 6, 9, or more of each variety, order additional samplers.

Last offered in 2016. ‘Sweetness’, unfortunately, has gone commercially extinct.

In 1962 when President Kennedy asked Bunny Mellon to transform the moribund Rose Garden outside his Oval Office into a flower-filled ceremonial space, her redesign featured masses of tall, luminous tulips – including the five classic beauties in this sampler. We’ll send you 3 lavender ‘Blue Parrot’, 3 flamingo-pink ‘Fantasy’, 3 maroon ‘Black Parrot’, 3 rose-pink ‘Mariette’, and 3 ‘White Triumphator’. For zones 3a-7b(8bWC). Last offered in 2016. ‘Fantasy’, unfortunately, has gone commercially extinct, but you can order the other four tulips from us to create your own little bit of Camelot.
SUMMER PERFUMES        Sampler

The fragrance of lilies wafting through your garden on a warm summer night is an unforgettable pleasure. Sniff 3 different, easy favorites (some possibilities are pictured here). For zones 5a-7b(9bWC) only.

For 2, 3, or more of each variety, order additional samplers. Last offered in 2012. We may offer it again periodically.

VICTORIAN BRILLIANCE        Rarest & Sampler
Echoing the gingerbread trim and lavish paint schemes of their houses, Victorians decorated their lawns with “carpet beds” of brightly colored flowers. Enjoy a glimpse of those exuberant designs by sampling 5 of the era’s most popular bedding tulips: 1 yellow ‘Chrysolora’ (1875), 1 white ‘Pottebakker White’ (1840), 1 bright rose ‘Proserpine’ (1875), 1 purple ‘Van der Neer’ (1860), and 1 red ‘Vuurvlam’ (1897). For zones 4a-7b(8bWC), from the Hortus Bulborum. Last offered in 2016. For an alert next time we offer it, subscribe to our newsletter.
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