Scott Kunst
Scott Kunst

Since 1983, I’ve been presenting lively, carefully researched slide lectures and walks from Nantucket to San Antonio to Minneapolis to Portland. I love spreading the word about historic bulbs and gardens, and I love meeting our customers.

To schedule one of my presentations below for your conference, botanic garden, museum, master gardeners, historical society, garden club, or neighborhood association, please contact or (734) 995-1486.

Are my presentations any good? Kirsti Juergens of the Windmill Pointe Garden Club wrote: “Thank you for your wonderful program! Many long-time members said that it was the best they had ever attended. We only wished we had more time to be mesmerized by your enthusiasm and wealth of knowledge!”


Heirloom Bulbs: Unique, Endangered, Amazing

Unique, endangered, tough, and gorgeous, heirloom bulbs can enrich every garden. After a whirlwind history of bulbs from prehistory through the 1950s, this lively slide lecture focuses on a season-by-season encyclopedia of antique varieties that are still available to gardeners today — wild hyacinths and lilies, Aztec tuberoses, colonial daffodils, Victorian tulips and cannas, Jazz Age dahlias, and more!

Antique Gardens: American Home Landscapes, 1800-1940

From the scanty pioneer gardens of the early 1800s through flamboyant Victorian carpet-bedding to the “old-fashioned” perennial borders of the early 20th century, “Antique Gardens” illuminates 140 years of American yards and gardens. In colorful, fast-paced slides, it shows how plants, outdoor furnishings, and the design of American yards changed dramatically through the years. It’s an eye-opening primer on the landscape relics that survive all around us and essential background for gardeners wanting to restore a historic landscape or to enliven any garden with a touch of the past.

Guided Historic Landscape Walk

Leisurely but stimulating, this real-world sidewalk tour explores the all too often “invisible” relics of the historic landscape that survive in any older neighborhood — trees that pre-date the pioneers, tiny garages built for Model-Ts, antique arbors and peonies, birdbaths and bridalwreath, even historic weeds. Every older neighborhood has overlooked treasures that can both illuminate the past and inspire garden-making today. Let me help you rediscover some of yours!